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Warning: SPOILERS below for This Is Us season 3.

Will This is Us season 4 happen, and if so, when will it premiere, but more importantly, what will the story mean for the Pearson family? This is Us season 3 continued its non-linear storytelling, jumping between eras to tackle the Pearsons' lives in different decades.

After kicking off This is Us season 3 with Jack and Rebecca's early days of courtship, the show took an unexpected turn with the reveal that Jack's younger brother, Nicky, is still alive. The kids have had a rocky year as well, with Kevin relapsing with alcoholism while Randall's marriage hits a major snag. Kate, on the other hand, has delivered baby Jack despite a risky pregnancy.

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And since This is Us is one of NBC's most popular shows, it should be a given that This is Us season 4 will happen. But has This is Us been renewed for season 4 yet, and when would it premiere?

This is Us Season 4 Renewal

This Is Us Randall and Jack

Interestingly, NBC has yet to officially order This is Us season 4. After a two-year renewal in the middle of its debut season, fans of This is Us haven't had to worry about whether or not their favorite drama would be coming back for seasons 2 and 3. But with no proper announcement for This is Us season 4, some fans are understandably anxious about the possibility of cancellation. Fortunately, considering the steady, albeit slightly lower, ratings in season 3, not to mention continued the critical acclaim, it's safe to assume that This is Us season 4 will happen.

This Is Us Season 4 Premiere Date Info

This is Us Season 3 Finale SR

Once the formal announcement's here, fans can expect This is Us season 4 to premiere at the beginning of the fall TV season - that's sometime between the third and fourth week of September. This is Us season 1 premiered on September 20, 2016, while season 2 premiered on September 26, 2017 and season 3 on September 25, 2018. Assuming that NBC maintains its schedule, This is Us season 4 could debut on September 24, 2019. However, if the two-week delay in season 3's finale will have anything to do with NBC's schedule, it might arrive as late as the first two weeks of October. In conjunction to that, if they want to work they way around possibly skipping another Tuesday in February 2020 for the annual State of the Union address in the United States, they could go as early as September 16. Regardless, This is Us season 4 should premiere in late September or early October.

The Is Is Us Season 4 Story Details

This Is Us Rebecca Memories

Season 3's finale heavily focused on the flash-forward scene that the show has been teasing for quite some time. We see Rebecca on her deathbed, but while majority of her family members are featured in the distant future, some are noticeably absent such as Kate and Miguel. What happened to them in the years leading up to the sequence will something that the series will discuss more in the following seasons.

This is Us creator Dan Fogelman teased that This is Us season 4 will expand in various ways, starting with the introduction of Rebecca's father, who fans haven't seen before. He also said that Jack's main arc will be mostly wrapped up by the end of season 3, meaning that the show will continue to veer away from the Pearson patriarch who served as the beating heart of the show in the first two seasons. This was felt during the final few episodes of season 3 as there hasn't been anything major regarding Jack - whether that be in conjunction to Nicky's emergence or anything else that happened when he was still alive.

With this, This is Us is shifting its focus more on the Big Three and their respective personal lives. Kate and Toby have a new baby which will more likely the anchor of their arc moving forward, Beth and Randall's rocky marital status, on the other hand, could continue to play out as the show gets to the point of the flash forward. And finally, Kevin will have to deal with the uncertainty of his future with Zoe.

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