When This Is Us Returns (& What To Expect From Season 3's Second Half)

This is Us season 3 midseason finale, "The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning," is now available to watch, and that means audiences will be looking forward to when NBC's acclaimed drama TV show will return in 2019. Originally premiering in 2016, This is Us became an instant breakout hit amongst the broadcast networks, and it went on to earn numerous awards, including Best Drama TV Series at the Golden Globe Awards and the Best Drama Series at the Emmy Awards.

Ever since then, the story of the Pearson family (and the three children's families) in This is Us has continued on NBC, with season 2 premiering in 2017 and season 3 premiering in 2018. Of course, one of This is Us season 3's most prominent storylines has been on the Vietnam War, with Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) being enlisted to fight in the war in the 1970s and Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) uncovering the hidden secrets about his father in the present day.

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That season 3 story arc comes to a head in This is Us season 3's midseason finale, "The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning," which marks the final episode to air from the drama series in 2018. NBC is bringing This is Us back in early 2019 for the second half of season 3, and here's what we know about it so far.

This is Us Season 3 Returns in 2019

This is Us season 3 started filming in July 2018, and it appears to be following the same production schedule as This is Us season 2, which started shooting in July 2017 and wrapped in February 2018 shortly before the final few episodes of This is Us season 2 aired on NBC. Given the production schedule for This is Us season 2, it stands to reason that This is Us season 3 will also finish filming sometime in February.

However, just because This is Us season 3 is still in production that doesn't mean the back-half of the season will be held back from audiences. In fact, This is Us season 3 returns on January 15.

This is Us Season 3 Has 9 Episodes Left

NBC renewed This is Us for season 2 and 3 in early 2017, with a total of 36 episodes being spread across two more seasons. To keep things simple, This is Us seasons 2 and 3 split up the 36 episodes evenly, and so far, only nine episodes from This is Us season 3 has aired, which means an additional nine episodes are coming in early 2019. Whether or not This is Us season 3 is the final season remains to be seen, but NBC was confident enough early on in their new drama series to give the writers and producers at least two additional seasons to tell their story. Of course, the rest of This is Us season 3 will have to wrap up Randall's election campaign as well as deal with the fallout of the midseason finale's shocking moment, which is something one of the show's producers has been hyping up leading into "The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning."

Will This is Us Be Renewed for Season 4?

This Is Us Chrissy Metz

This is Us creator Dan Fogelman caused quite a stir earlier this year when he revealed that they had already filmed certain scenes for the This is Us series finale. Fans believed at the time that This is Us season 3 might be the show's final season since some of the cast members already know how the series ends, but that doesn't mean NBC wants to conclude the Pearson family's story just yet.

This is Us season 3's ratings and viewership have been relatively on par with the first two seasons, and those ratings were enough for NBC to greenlight the show for two additional seasons. Since Fogelman already has a story in mind for This is Us season 4, it stands to reason that audiences can expect at least one more season from the acclaimed drama series. Of course, since This is Us hasn't been renewed for season 4 yet, fans may have to wait until January (if not May) to find out for sure.

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