This Is Us Season 3's Ending Left Some Big Flashforward Mysteries

This Is Us season 3's finale focused on the flashforwards, planting pivotal plot points that the show will tackle in its last three seasons.

This Is Us Season 3 Ending

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for This Is Us season 3.

This Is Us season 3's ending revealed more of the flashforward scenes that the series has been teasing about for quite some time now, confirming key moments of what lies ahead for the Big Three. But while the finale certainly helped flesh out what the future lies for the Pearsons, it really only posed more questions than provided answers.

Across its hit-and-miss season 3, This Is Us tackled a slew of eras and life moments for all the Pearson family members. At the beginning of the season, fans were treated to the early days of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca's (Mandy Moore) courtship which led to the Vietnam war storyline where the public finally learned about the mystery of Nicky (Griffin Dunne). In the present, the Big Three went through some significant experiences: Kevin (Justin Hartley), albeit finding new love in Zoe (Melanie Liburd), has gone back to drinking after sobering up during his quest to find Nicky; Kate (Chrissy Metz) had a risky pregnancy and went to labor early, but was fortunately able to deliver baby Jack; and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) was having some serious troubles balancing his new life as a politician and marriage with Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson).

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This all led up to the This Is Us season 3 finale. As usual, Dan Fogelman took full advantage of his show's non-linear way of storytelling, jumping from one era to another. And while a lot went down, arguably the main takeaway of season 3's ending was everything about the flashforward sequence, which planted a lot of plot seeds that the show will go through in the next three seasons of This Is Us.

Where Is Kate In This Is Us' Flashforwards?

Kate and Toby in This Is Us

After Randall and Beth finally found a way to make their living arrangements work (they decided to move to Philly with Beth opening her own studio), the show cuts to the distant future where an old Beth welcomes grown-up Tess and old Randall - revealing that the couple has stayed together through all these years. An older Toby (Chris Sullivan) reluctantly came in the same house. He and Randall briefly talked about Jack, who's on his way to meet them there.

Kate's nowhere in sight, however, and there's no mention of her either (in fact, we haven't seen her in any of the flashforwards). This insinuates that something happens in the next several years involving Kate. The fact that Toby looked hesitant to join the Pearsons, with Randall having to assure him that she would want him there, suggests a possible falling out between him and Kate's family. Randall seems fine with him, but audiences know that Kevin can be extra protective when it comes to his twin sister. Otherwise, it's also possible that Kate is with Jack and the falling out is between Toby and his wife.

Who Is The Mother Of Kevin’s Son In This Is Us' Flashforwards?

This Is Us Kevin

As the family members gathered around the kitchen island, a young boy zoomed past Randall, who's apparently Kevin's son. Similar to Kate, the flashforwards have yet to show an older Kevin, but we at least know he's still around. The biggest question centers around the boy: it's been established how Number One is set on having kids - it's the reason that he and Zoe broke up earlier in the episode with Beth's cousin adamant about not wanting children - so, with a newly-single Kevin in the present time, who is the mother?

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Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) came back a couple of episodes ago and while she's engaged to another man, it's clear that she still deeply cares about Kevin, her first love. Her random re-emergence could indicate that she'll be back in Kevin's life eventually. Zoe, meanwhile, could also change her mind and get back together with Kevin. Otherwise, maybe it's an entirely new character that we have yet to meet. Regardless of who she is, Sophie appears to be right: Kevin always gets what he wants.

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