There's No New This Is Us This Week - Here's Why

This Is Us won't have a brand new episode this week. NBC's hit series has just come back from its mandatory winter hiatus two weeks ago, but it's taking another hiatus for a week - or even two.

Now on its third season, This Is Us continues to dominate ratings-wise. With the show further delving into Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) unknown time in Vietnam - something that he didn't like talking about when he was still alive, fans are learning more about the beloved Pearson patriarch. With the reveal that his younger brother, Nicky Pearson (Michael Angarano/Griffin Dune), didn't die in the war contrary to what he told his family, the Big Three, led by Kevin (Justin Hartley), continues their quest to get to the bottom of their father's well-kept secret. However, fans would have to wait for a little bit to know what comes next with the show taking a short break.

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There will be no This Is Us episode this week because of President Trump's State of the Union address. Even though the address has been moved due to security concerns following the longest shutdown in U.S., there's not going to be any change to the schedule. The State of the Union is now moved to next week, February 5th, and while NBC has yet to confirm whether or not This Is Us will return by then, it's safe to assume that they'll also give way to the political event, extending the show's break to two weeks.

Sterling K. Brown in This Is Us

The possible unintended break cannot come at a worse time for This Is Us fans given how its latest episode, "Songbird: Part One", ended. After learning their father's secret about his brother being alive, the Big Three sought Nicky who's still living in Bradford. Mirroring the same journey Jack did more than two decades ago, Kevin decided to return and come back for Nicky. Considering with how things were left in the episode, coupled with the fact that Kevin seems to be especially concerned with Nicky, it's safe to say that we'll see more of the younger Pearson brother moving forward. Perhaps he can come to Pittsburgh and even meet Rebecca (Mandy Moore).

It makes sense that last week episode ended on some sort of a cliffhanger considering This Is Us' next outing is titled "Songbird Road: Part Two." That means that NBC originally planned to roll out them out back-to-back. But due to the unforeseen events in connection to Trump's State of the Union Address, they're forced to postpone releasing the latter half of what's supposed to be what a two-hour-long episode.

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This Is Us airs Tuesday nights, 9 pm ET on NBC.

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