This Is Us Theory: Why [SPOILER] Is In That Flashforward Scene

This Is Us season 3 finale expounded on the show's mysterious flashforward scene, including the reveal that Nicky beside Rebecca's deathbed, but why?

This Is Us Jack Rebecca and old Randall SR

The This Is Us season 3 finale flashforward revealed some key information about what lies ahead for the Pearsons, but something that fans didn't expect is Nicky's involvement with them after their initial meeting. So what's Nicky's role in the Person family moving forward and why is he pivotal in that flashforward scene?

Teased a couple of times in the past, This Is Us' flash forward scene became one of the central mysteries in the show's third outing, leaving fans engaged in theories. Prior to its big reveal, we've only seen Randall, Tess, Beth, and a very grumpy Toby in that time setting, talking about visiting "her." Eventually, it was confirmed that the mystery person is Rebecca. At this point, speculations about how the Pearson matriarch is doing considering the time frame of the sequence were growing rampant. The fact that Toby needed cajoling to come over added intrigue especially with Kate nowhere in sight. More details emerged regarding the Pearsons' fate thanks to the season 3 finale - Randall and Beth are still together (despite a tumultuous back half of the season), Toby reluctantly came, while his son Jack lives on and Kevin has a son, although we don't know who the mother is.

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But while every reveal in the flashforward were somehow alluded to throughout the year, there's one thing that everyone didn't see coming - Nicky having a close relationship with his brother's family. So much so that he's beside Rebecca's seeming deathbed despite no one else being around. When and how this relationship unfolds remain to be seen, but it's clear that Jack's young brother will play a pivotal role on his family's life after initially turning them down. And there might be a very sad reason why the Big Three and Rebecca need him.

Jack And Nicky's Relationship Is Still Very Important

This Is Us Jack and Nicky Pearson

By This Is Us' season 3 finale, the majority of the majority of Jack's narrative has been told having been the central figure in the last 2 and half seasons of This Is Us. But that doesn't mean that he won't factor in future stories in the show. The Pearson patriarch remains to be the heart of the series and fans are more engaged and invested in the story if it involves him. This year, the family drama, delved deep into his family life and time in Vietnam - two things he was never comfortable talking about.

Born out of Kevin's want to have a deeper connection with his dead father, he traced his steps during the war, leading him to the discovery that Jack's brother is alive and that he knew about it for years before his death in the late 1990s. It turns out, the two's falling out was because Jack wrongly assumed Nicky of murdering an innocent kid during the war when in fact, everything was an accident. After years of begging for his older brother to see him, Jack agreed to a meet up, only to ruthlessly cut all ties with Nicky, giving the impression that he's moved on and didn't want to expose Rebecca and the kids to their unstable uncle.

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But with the Big Three getting into the bottom of their father's secret, they decided on righting his mistake by reaching out to their uncle - something that Jack will undoubtedly do if was still alive today considering how remorseful he was over his final meet-up with Nicky. Kevin, in particular, was so invested in hopefully having a relationship with him. Sadly, Nicky just wasn't ready to reach out, resulting in them going their separate ways.

Rebecca and Nicky’s Current Relationship

This is Us Jack Story

Once Kevin tracked down Nicky, Rebecca became curious about meeting his dead husband's brother since they never had the chance to be acquainted. So while she wasn't around during the Big Three's first encounter with Nicky, she didn't waste time following them in Bradford to introduce herself. As expected, their initial face-to-face was tense, considering Nicky felt that somehow Jack's family played a part in his decision to cut ties with him. While the two were courteous with each other, it's clear that Nicky didn't want anything else but to be left alone. Which led into a semi-confrontation about how Nicky almost felt harassed by them hijacking his life.

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The tension eased up a bit after a while, with both parties calming down. Rebecca, who wanted to know what young Jack's like was indulged by Nicky, telling one of his favorite memories from their childhood. But just when we all thought that it's going to end well for them, Nicky made it clear that he doesn't want anything to do with Jack's family. Rebecca and Kevin respected his wishes and drove back home, leaving Nicky back in his trailer in Bradford.

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