This Is Us Theory: Kevin’s [SPOILER] Will Bring Back Nicky

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Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) relapse with alcohol dependency will force Nicky (Griffin Dunne) to finally open up and reconnect with his nephew on This Is Us. After being delayed for two weeks, "Songbird Road: Part 2" finally aired. Continuing the Big Three's attempt to know Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) brother better, the episode also included Rebecca (Mandy Moore), who also met Nicky for the first time. The latest episode's big twist, however, came in its final few minutes when it was revealed that Kevin has started drinking again.

Picking up moments after "Songbird Road: Part 1" ended, This Is Us saw Jack's kids bringing Nicky to a nearby hotel, refusing to leave him alone after finding him drunk with a gun on his table. Surprisingly, their uncle didn't make that much fuss, although he wasn't exactly warm either; after checking in on his room, he (again) politely kicked the three kids out. But while Kate and Randall opted to get some sleep, Kevin stayed up the whole night researching for any veteran's facility near the area for Nicky. It was apparent that out of the three, he was the most invested with Nicky.

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Alongside Rebecca, Kevin brought Nicky to the veteran's center he found online. The problem was, Nicky has already given up on himself: he believed that at this point in his life, there's no more hope for him. Frustrated but not deterred, Kevin left his uncle and mother to personally fix the former's leaky roof. However, despite realizing that Kevin means well, Nicky just wasn’t ready to socialize with Jack's family - especially since, somehow, he feels like his brother had an easier time abandoning him because of them. So after having a tender moment with Kevin, promising that he'll visit the center, he asked him nicely to leave him alone, obviously breaking his nephew's heart. As he and Rebecca left town for home, it was revealed through a flashback that Kevin succumbed to his urges and finished Nicky’s bottle of whiskey while he was doing repairs in the trailer alone.

Considering that during Rebecca's talk with Nicky she told him about how difficult the past year was for Kevin, it won't be that difficult for him to figure out that his nephew relapsed while trying to help him. Burdened with this knowledge, not to mention that he knows first hand how difficult it is to live with that problem, Nicky might reach back out to Kevin in the hopes of supporting him through his struggle. As we saw in the latest This Is Us, Nicky isn't exactly devoid of emotions. He turned around and apologized for his outburst, and even shared a story from his and Jack's childhood. It's possible that he'll make it his personal mission to help Kevin. Additionally, it doesn't seem right that the show will drop Nicky that quick considering how much time the show spent setting up his reveal.

In hindsight, Kevin and Nicky are probably the two people that Jack let down the most in his life. We already know how he ruthlessly abandoned Nicky in Vietnam, assuming the worst of him. Even when his brother tried to patch things up with him in 1992, he refused to listen, only visiting to tell him that he's happy with his family and that he doesn't want anything to do with him moving forward. As for Kevin, it's no secret that he was always the odd Pearson kid out, with Jack mostly focusing on Kate, while Rebecca was preoccupied with Randall - something that was acknowledged during his therapy. The latest episode itself revealed how Jack bailed out on his promise to go with Kevin to have his rookie cards signed. With this commonality between them, Nicky and Kevin can help each other with their issues in the rest of This Is Us season 3.

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This Is Us airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

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