This Is Us Finale: 4 Things That Gave Us Closure (And 6 Things They Still Haven't Addressed)

The season three finale for This is Us aired Tuesday night, offering a whole roller coaster of emotions for fans. As per usual when it comes to the NBC series, we laughed and cried with the Pearson family as we impatiently waited for our burning questions to be answered. Who is "Her" that they keep referring to? Is baby Jack going to be okay? What the hell is a "corn sandwich"?

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Some of these questions have been answered while others are yet to be determined. There is a lot that is left up to interpretation that we are waiting on the edge of our seats to get answers for. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until the next season to figure it all out.

Until then, let's uncover 4 things from the finale that gave us closure (and 6 things they still haven't addressed).

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10 Closure: Beth And Randall's Relationship

Beth and Randall seemed like the perfect couple until recently when the two began to experience a major bump in the road. Beth's dream to pursue her career as a ballet teacher and Randall's hectic role as city councilman in Philadelphia clash, and Beth doesn't seem to think they will be able to resolve their issues. She compares the situation to a time when their family went to an escape room and the girls started to "freak out" until Beth and Randall found the door to get out of the bad situation. Now she claims she's "not seeing the door here." This line leads us to believe they won't be able to solve their issues until Deja gives Randall a whole speech about how he won the lottery twice in his life. Once when he was adopted, and then when he met Beth.

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He considers resigning in an effort to solve his marriage until Beth makes the decision for the family to move to Philadelphia where she can open her own dance studio and Randall can still take on his role. Beth ended up "finding the door", and we are so relieved.

9 Closure: We Finally Discover Who "Her" Is

Fans have been guessing who this mysterious "Her" character is that The Pearson Family kept referring to since the end of season two. Is "Her" Beth? Is it Kate? Is it Rebecca? Turns out it is Rebecca, who appears to be on her death bed in the flash-forward scenes. The saddest part is her lack of memory with her son Randall, who has introduced himself to her with the line: "It's Randall. Your son, Randall."  This is Us is known for causing its viewers to burst into tears, yet nothing brought on the waterworks quite like this scene.

8 Needs Addressing: What Is Nicky Doing At Rebecca's Bedside?

For the first couple of seasons on This is Us, we assumed Jack's brother Nicky was dead. We recently discovered that he is still alive and in a very bad state. Nicky tells Kevin he can't be around The Pearson's because it is too painful. It looks like they were all able to reconnect and mend their issues in the flash-forward scene because Nicky sits by Rebecca's bedside. Randall mutters "Hey Nicky," to an older version of Jack's brother in a casual way that suggests he has been around the family for quite some time. Why is this? Could it be that Rebecca and Nicky are now married? Which leads us to our next unanswered question...

7 Needs Addressing: Where Is Miguel?

Miguel seems to always receive the short end of the stick on This is Us and it makes us wonder what happened to him when he doesn't appear at Rebecca's bedside in the flash-forward scene.

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Did he and Rebecca get divorced? Did Rebecca leave Miguel for Nicky? Is Miguel still alive? We sure hope so, but we will have to wait until next season to find out.

6 Closure: Jack Is Alive And Seemingly Healthy

Kate and Toby's baby is alive and seemingly well as we can tell from the flash-forward scene. Now we know that touching the baby's foot really works! Toby comes to Kevin's house and announces that Jack will be on his way over. We are so pleased that he is alive and healthy.

5 Needs Addressing: Why Does Toby Arrive Alone At Kevin's?

Clearly, something happens with Toby and Kate's marriage (or lack thereof) because Toby arrives at Kevin's house solo. It also appears as though he is no longer wearing a wedding band. Fans have been speculating their divorce for some time now, and now more than ever it seems to be confirmed.

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But was it a divorce? How do we know that Kate is still around? Toby says he talked to his son Jack and that "they're" on their way, but who does "they" refer to? Is it Kate? Is it perhaps a new woman? We will have to wait and see. 

4 Needs Addressing: Where Is Kate?

Kate doesn't show up to see her mother. What's up with that? It is possible that she is on her way to Kevin's house with Jack, but nothing is certain. From where the show last left off with Kate and Rebecca, the two were on great terms and Kate really appreciated her mother's help when it came to baby Jack. It wouldn't make sense for her not to show up at Kevin's to see Rebecca unless there is something more to it that we don't know about yet.

3 Closure: Kevin And Zoe's Relationship

We do get our closure when it comes to Kevin and Zoe's relationship. Zoe decides to sacrifice their love story so Kevin can be a father. She is adamant in the fact that she doesn't want to have kids yet she can see how much Kevin wants them. He is clearly amazing with kids as we can see in the scene where he gives his speech to Tessa. We think Zoe made the right choice by letting Kevin have that opportunity to be a father. Which leads us into our next question...

2 Needs Addressing: Does Kevin Get Married?

As we can see in the flash-forward scenes, Kevin has a son that is exactly like a young Kevin! It's a precious sight to see, yet it makes us wonder- who is the mother of Kevin's son? Did Kevin get married? Perhaps it was to his childhood sweetheart Sophie? Or maybe it's with someone totally new. It also could be that he is a single parent. Only the future will tell, but we're glad Kevin could get exactly what he wanted by raising a kid.

1 Needs Addressing: What Is Wrong With Rebecca?

When we see the matriarch of the family appearing quite sick on the hospital bed, it makes us wonder what exactly her condition is. Many speculate she has Alzheimer's because she can't seem to remember who Randall is. Mandy Moore says in an interview that her character does not suffer from Alzheimer's so we are left to wonder what her condition is that's leaving her with little memory.

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