Mark Hamill proved his alliance to the Light Side when he visited a dying child whose only wish was to meet Luke Skywalker.

Screenwriter Ed Solomon (Men in Black, the upcoming Bill & Ted Face the Music) is the friend of a father whose terminally-ill son shares a universal love of Star Wars. Seeing as he was the friend’s only connection to the film industry (and not unlike Obi-Wan Kenobi, his “only hope”), he tried his best to make the boy’s one dream come true. He took a shot in the dark and made the attempt to contact Mark Hamill himself (a.k.a. Luke Skywalker). As it so happened, the outcome was a success.

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Solomon created a Twitter thread documenting the timeline of events, leading up to Hamill coming through for the sake of a boy’s dying wish. You can read through the thread, below:

Here is the Twitter thread in full:

“When a friend’s son (who was, so tragically, dying from an incurable illness) made a wish: to meet Luke Skywalker, it fell on me — the only person the dad knew who worked in the film business — to make a call. Not knowing Mark, I called his agent and explained that this lovely boy watched Star Wars every day and wanted to meet NOT Mark Hammill, but, rather, the actual CHARACTER that he played (the boy’s own mental state had devolved past the point of being able to grok that Luke was fictional). The agent begrudgingly said he’d call Mark, but also said not to get my hopes up. 90 seconds later I got a call from @HamillHimself, who immediately said yes and gave me his home address. He not only met with the boy, but spent hours answering question after question (sometimes the same ones repeatedly), AS “Luke.” Even posting this now makes me teary. He was compassionate, kind, and patient. And it literally meant the world to this kid and his family.”

Hamill will return as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, where it remains unclear whether or not he will remain in the Light or succumb to the Dark Side. Team affiliation appears to be a major theme in the upcoming film, with Kylo Ren and Rey battling their respective inner-struggles between “good” and “bad.” That said, it’s perfectly clear where Hamill stands.

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Source: Ed Solomon

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