This Is Us: 20 Storylines The Writers Want Us To Forget

Since it’s premiere, This Is Us has maintained its place as one of the best new shows on network television. Fans tune in as crowds to watch The Pearsons go through life. After dealing with so much happiness, heartbreak, and everything in between, fans cannot get enough of their lives. Whether they are dealing with love, family, careers, or hard times, This Is Us has proven to maintain its popularity.

Fans enjoy watching The Pearsons at any point in their history and continue to crave watching their story come together. The characters of the show have been through so much in their lifetimes that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of everything. With so many issues going on, it also seems that the writers also forget at times.

Whether deliberate or not, This Is Us sometimes does not maintain storylines which they have started on the show. Sometimes a storyline will have a big impact on the character’s lives, but then never be mentioned again. While some storylines are certainly more popular than others, it seems odd that some things are never mentioned again. Surely the writers have reasons for never mentioning the stories again, but thankfully fans have kept track over the years.

Here are 20 Storylines This Is Us Writers Want Us To Forget:

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Jack Pearson and young Randall Pearson in This Is Us
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20 Randall Had A Different Name

Jack Pearson and young Randall Pearson in This Is Us

The Pearson family has certainly not had it easy. However, one of them has had a tougher road than the rest. Randall Pearson has had to deal with the fact that he is adopted his entire life, and that his parents almost had another child instead of him. However, after their third baby did not make it, Jack and Rebecca adopted Randall directly from the hospital. While this relationship has been a wonderful part of This Is Us, Randall was not always Randall.

After Jack and Rebecca first took him home, they gave him the name "Kyle" which was their planned name for their third biological baby. After Rebecca had trouble adjusting with Randall at home, she changed his name to one his biological father preferred. Considering Rebecca and Randall's great relationship now, the writers do not want fans remembering that she initially did not take to him.

19 Nicky Leaves Jack For The War

Michael Angarano as Nicky Pearson in This Is Us

Season three of This Is Us has focused heavily on Jack's time in Vietnam as well as his estranged brother, Nicky. Since learning about him, fans have enjoyed the saga of Nicky Pearson so far. Insight into Jack's younger years provide fans with a better understanding of Papa Pearson, however, their relationship was not always so great.

Once Nicky was drafted into the army, Jack tried to run away with him so that he would not have to travel to Vietnam. Even in the 1970s, Jack was a protector to everyone around him. However, he failed to protect Nicky when he ran away from him to join the war anyway. Jack is certainly the hero of This Is Us, and thinking about him failing is not something writers like to remind fans about.

18 Jack Almost Robs A Store

This Is Us Milo Ventimiglia

Jack Pearson is perhaps the best television father of the modern television era. His wholesome and good-natured talks combined with his passionate relationship with Rebecca have made him a highly-regarded father figure. While he is not without his flaws, he always found a way to come out on top with his family. Fans have accepted these flaws, but they are not something that writers like to have in the spotlight.

Moments before Jack met Rebecca for the first time, he was down on his luck and broke. Following his return from Vietnam, he was very low on cash and willing to do anything to get it. Prior to hearing Rebecca sing for the first time, he was on his way to commit an armed robbery. However, Rebecca's sweet voice stopped him from making a big mistake. While Jack ended up on the right path, this big mistake is not something that is brought up very often on the show.

17 It All Started In A Bathroom

This Is Us Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia

Jack and Rebecca's relationship is certainly one to be emulated. The passion and love that they had for each other was unfathomable, even when they were angry at each other. Their love turned in to a beautiful family with a wonderful story, and while it has a tragic end it is chock-full of great moments. Since their family is so big and beautiful, it is often forgotten exactly how "The Big Three" came to be.

Following a particularly rowdy football game in a local bar, Rebecca and Jack proceeded to express their love in a nearby bathroom stall. When thinking about a relationship as beautiful as theirs, fans don't often remember this is how The Pearsons conceived their triplets. Perhaps the writers prefer to have fans think about the thoughtful parts of their relationship, and not the gritty details.

16 Firefighter Joe Almost Kept Randall

Niles Fitch as Teenage Randall Pearson in This Is Us

Randall's connection to his Pearson family will always be special because of how he entered the family. After choosing to adopt Randall, the Pearson family was finally complete. However, This Is Us was very close to the Pearson clan only including a "Big Two" instead.

After determining that he was unable to take care of Randall, William left him as a newborn at the front door of a fire station. Randall was picked up by a Firefighter named Joe, who was seeking to fix is own marriage. Joe thought that by bringing a baby home, he could reconnect with his wife. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and Joe brought Randall to the hospital where he was picked up by The Pearsons. Firefighter Joe has never been mentioned again, despite it being a very interesting story.

15 Miguel Always Promised To Look After Jack's Family

Miguel Jack Rebecca and Shelly in This Is Us

When it was revealed that Jack was no longer alive and that Rebecca had married Miguel, it was a big revelation for fans. Not only did they have to come to terms that Jack was no longer around, but that she had married his former best friend. While their relationship is well-established now, it took a long time to adjust to. However, real This Is Us fans remember that Miguel made Jack a promise a long time ago.

The show revealed that Miguel and Rebecca reconnected through Facebook, but it is possible that Miguel had other intentions. Miguel had always thought highly of Rebecca, and even promised Jack that he would take care of his family if he ever passed away. While Miguel had nothing to do with the fire that took Jack away, the show did establish that he could have had a motive.

14 Jack Pearson: The Boxer

Jack Pearson is the perfect mixture of tough and sweet. The way that he treats his family combined with his tough upbringing makes him a special breed of man. He did get soft during his later years and was better known as a lover than a fighter. However, Jack Pearson did have a secret penchant for fighting that the show does not mention often.

As a way of stress relief – and to battle his drinking – Jack took up boxing. After coming home with black eyes from sparring, his secret boxing troupe was revealed. While this was a cool character trait, it is not mentioned very often. Instead, This Is Us prefers to showcase Jack’s softer side.

13 Olivia Disappears

Kevin’s stardom from his time in Hollywood has given him a very healthy dating life. The Man-ny star has been tied down in relationships before but has also enjoyed the single life. Following his move to New York, he met theatre actress Olivia who he had a brief relationship with. However, despite getting fairly serious together she has not been seen since Season One.

Since their relationship ended, Kevin has had various other women in his life with varying seriousness. However, none of these women who he began to get serious with are seen again. Particularly Olivia, who disappeared off the face of the Earth and was not mentioned again after her final episode. Despite getting very close to Kevin and attending a family Thanksgiving, she disappears completely.

12 Big Three Homes Never Happened

Jack’s dream was that he would be able to fully provide for his big family. Since he came from a family with little means, he always wanted to give his family a great life. Following some hard times, he eventually worked his way up in a construction firm to middle-management territory. Jack was able to provide for his wife and three kids and live a comfortable life.

However, Jack also dreamed of having more – he wanted to open up his own construction company called Big Three Homes. While he worked hard to achieve it, it never came to be. Jack had this dream for a number of years, but once it didn’t come true it was never heard from again. Perhaps the showrunners prefer to only focus on the triumphs for Jack and not his failures.

11 Kevin Lives With Rebecca And Miguel

Jon Huertas and Mandy Moore on This Is Us

The apple does not fall far from the tree, especially when it comes to disease. Unfortunately, this meant that Kevin inherited his father’s drinking issues. It only came out later in life after reaggravating his knee injury, but he suffered the same way his father did. Thankfully, Kevin’s family was able to get him help to rehabilitate him.

During his rehabilitation, it is often forgotten that Kevin moved back in with his Mother. It had been years since Kevin lived at home, but he moved back in with Rebecca and Miguel to help him get back on his feet. Considering that it only led to awkward moments, it is no surprise that it is often left behind as a distant memory.

10 Sophie Was Kate's Best Friend

This Is Us did explore Kevin getting back together with Sophie briefly, they do not mention her relationship with Kate. While they were in grade school together, Sophie was Kate’s best friend. It is natural that kids grow apart, but considering how close Sophie was with most of the family it is surprising that they did not stay in touch. More so, it is surprising that the show does not mention it.

9 Rebecca's Mother Is Bias

This Is Us is a show that so many people enjoy each week because it is incredibly wholesome. Its slice-of-life viewpoint provides fans with an escape from their normal lives and gives them hope. While all the beautiful parts of the show are their highpoint, there are some dark points which the show does not mention often.

After the Pearsons adopted Randall they had to deal with the various reactions from the world around them for their mixed-race family. One of the most-often forgotten reactions came from Rebecca’s mother who treated Randall much differently than the other kids. Considering the generally wholesome outlook of This Is Us, Rebecca’s bias mother is not mentioned often.

8 Rebecca's Cancer Scare

Having a run in with cancer is an incredibly frightening experience. It is not something that is easily forgotten and should be treated very seriously. However, This Is Us brushed a cancer scare under the rug like it was nothing and it has not been mentioned beyond one episode.

During her adulthood, Rebecca suspected that she had cancer following a mysterious illness. Thankfully, it turned out to be something much more benign and only William has been affected by cancer thus far. However, the show has quickly forgotten about Rebecca’s brush with cancer, and it has never been mentioned again. Perhaps the show did not want to deal with cancer twice, but then it should not have been included in the first place.

7 Randall And Kevin Fight During A Football Game

Randall and Kevin’s relationship is the roughest out of The Big Three. Both Randall and Kevin are very close with their sister, but there has always been tension between the two since childhood. While they have grown much closer as adults, there were a lot of edgy periods throughout their time growing up.

It is often remembered that Kevin was a football star in high school, but Randall played as well. At the height of their tension, they broke out into a big brawl during a football game despite being on the same team. Siblings coming to blows against each other is a very tense situation, however, the show has never brought it up again. Even though Randall and Kevin are in a much better place together, this is still a very impactful moment from their youth, but they never discuss it.

6 Kevin Drove Intoxicated With Randall's Daughter

Season two of This Is Us dealt with Kevin’s battle with addiction to pain medications and drinking. While his self-use was harming to his own body and mind, it also affected those around him. At one point while under the influence, he drove his car with Randall’s daughter, Tess, in the backseat. Thankfully there was no accident, but it was a very scary ordeal.

Being put in a dangerous situation like this is not something a teenager would easily forget. However, Tess treats Kevin the exact same following everything despite him endangering her. Perhaps the show did not want to dwell on the mistakes he made, but this is something that should have impacted their relationship.

5 Rebecca's Band

Rebecca toured and performed with her band for several months, but once she left their group, she never heard from them again. Fans were never told if they made it big or if they wanted to get Rebecca back. It stands to reason that they would have tried to reconnect at some point, but only time will tell if that is true (if the writers decide to bring it up again).

4 Kate Had A Relationship With A Married Man

Kate’s relationship with Toby is one of the highlights of This Is Us. Seeing them find happiness and begin a family together has been a treat for fans. Kate and Toby’s relationship shows that there is someone for everyone and that they can find happiness together. It was revealed that Kate was not always with Toby and explored other relationships. However, they are not brought up anymore now that she is with Toby.

Prior to getting her life on track, Kate was with a married man. While the tryst was brief and she has moved on, Kate was part of something terrible. This is very unlike the Kate that fans know now, so the writers have not brought it up again. Thankfully, she has found happiness and has not needed to go down that path again.

3 Kevin's Public Freak-out

The catalyst for Kevin Pearson’s journey on This Is Us stemmed from him exiting his very popular television show, The Man-ny. Not only did Kevin leave his Hollywood life behind, he did it very publicly during a taping of the show in front of a crowd. Kevin’s public freak-out went viral online from those taping it, and he abruptly left the show.

This was obviously a turning point in Kevin’s life, but it has rarely been mentioned since. Kevin has moved and grown since his time as The Man-ny and is almost an entirely different person. However, considering how impactful this moment was in his life it seems strange that it is not referenced more often.

2 Kate's Personal Assistant Job

Prior to her current gig delivering Adele-a-grams, Kate found a job where she was the personal assistant of a wealthy Manhattanite. The job was very short-lived but was impactful for Kate. Her boss’ daughter was a larger girl who reminded Kate of herself, and she tried to assist her but was rebuffed. Kate left the job as quickly as it began and has moved on to better things since then.

It seems strange that This Is Us often drops storylines like this for no reason and never fully resolves them. Thankfully the show has maintained gripping and exciting storylines, but ones that end abruptly continue to be a thorn in the sides of fans.

1 Kate's Weight Loss Camp Relationship

While Kate’s relationship with Toby is a highlight of the show, their entire time together has not been filled with goodness. They have been through some serious hardships together but thankfully have ended up closer together on the other side. There was one point in their relationship where Kate seemed to flirt with finding another man than Toby.

During a brief stint at a weight-loss camp, Kate met a farmhand who worked for the camp that showed interest her. While she did not act on her feelings for him, she did have a connection with him. Up until season three of This Is Us, he has not reappeared, and Kate seems closer to Toby than ever. Perhaps the writers are much more pleased with Kate and Toby at this point and cannot fathom them being apart. Frankly, most of the fans agree as well!


Are there any other storylines that This Is Us has forgotten about? Let us know in the comments!

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