This Is Us Tries To Make Miguel More Likeable (So He Doesn’t Betray Jack)

This Is Us Jack and Miguel

This Is Us is beginning to convince viewers that Miguel (Jon Huertas) is worthy to be Rebecca's (Mandy Moore) second husband. Amidst Kevin's (Justin Hartley) deciding to move with Nicky (Girffin Dunne), Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) making a new life in Philadelphia, and Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) adjusting to family life, there's one other character who has subtly gotten significant over the last few episodes - Miguel. And based on what we've seen from his thus far in the year, it seems like the series is already hard selling him as a good guy.

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Since fans learned that Rebecca is now married to Miguel, Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) best friend quickly became one of the most disliked characters on This Is Us. It doesn't help that throughout the majority of its run, This Is Us has depicted the Pearson patriarch as the poster family man. He struggled with his own demons, but he was always all-out with his wife and kids. Proof of that is the indelible mark he still has on the Big Three and even Rebecca years after he passed away. This automatically puts Miguel at a disadvantage, but with the way things are going recently, all of that may soon change.

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In the latest episode of This Is Us, "Jolts", we see Jack getting fired for a colossal mistake he committed at work. But before he was actually let go, Miguel came to the rescue, knowing full well how important the job was to his buddy. Miguel stuck his own neck for Jack, and threatened to quit as well if the company let his friend go. Left with no choice but to get back on his initial decision in fear that Miguel's also leaving, the manager heeded to his demand and rehired Jack back. By the end, Jack genuinely thanked Miguel for his help, and assured him that he'll always be there if ever he needs anything.

Miguel and Rebecca in This Is Us

Interestingly, this is the second Jack and Miguel tender moment in this season of This Is Us - and at both instances, it was the latter who was offering a helping hand to the former. The first one took place during the premiere, where we learned how they met. Not having enough money to buy the sports coat he needed for the dinner with Rebecca and her parents, Miguel let Jack borrow one of their navy blazers as a gesture towards someone who fought in Vietnam. We don't know how their friendship grew from their initial encounter, but considering that Jack still needed to return the garment, chances are they started spending time together then.

While it seems totally unrelated, highlighting Miguel and Jack's friendship actually helps This Is Us slowly sell fans the idea that the latter is genuinely a good guy. This will make it easier for them to convince us that he's worthy to be Rebecca's life partner after her first husband's death. However, simply showing Miguel winning Rebecca over after Jack died would give the impression that he was always pining for her. This would make their relationship feel like a betrayal to Jack - something that the series doesn't want to do.

At this point, we don't when we'll find out how exactly Miguel and Rebecca got together. Considering the number of subplots This Is Us is currently juggling, it doesn't seem to be at the top of their priority. However, given what we've seen from Miguel thus far this season, chances are it's coming sooner than later.

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