This Is Us Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

This drama definitely had us crying every single episode, whether it was happy or sad tears. Admit it - you've fallen in love with every single one of these dynamic, quirky, and complex characters. Each one of them has their own strengths, struggles, and, well, personality traits that are vastly different from the others. So, if you're a fan of This Is Uswe thought we'd make a little treat for those who are also fans of Harry Potter. In case you wanted to know which of these incredible characters you might share a house with at Hogwarts, you no longer have to. Here are 10 characters and which house the sorting hat placed them in.

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10 Jack Pearson: Hufflepuff

Not surprisingly, we have a lot of Hufflepuffs in our midst on this series. While there could be an argument for Jack to be in any one of these houses, we feel most comfortable placing him here. Jack will always be that loving, compassionate, selfless character, won't he? He's INCREDIBLY loyal, dedicated, and humble. He wants what is best for everyone, and he's definitely the guy to pass the ball rather than scoring the final goal. His weakness, honestly, is that he cares too much about others that he often forgets to take care of himself. What a Hufflepuff.

9 Beth Pearson: Slytherin

Beth is the only character we felt comfortable placing into this slithery house. Beth is definitely not a villain, but hear us out: she's proud, strong, and cares a lot about her reputation. She's also the most ambitious, resourceful, and (arguably) cunning character on the series. She's intelligent and clever, to put it quite simply, and she'll do anything to achieve her goals that she's incredibly determined to reach. She's also a bit power hungry, which lets her fit nicely into this house. We love that fire though, girl.

8 Kate Pearson: Hufflepuff

Kate definitely takes after her dad, so it's no secret she's also a Hufflepuff. Kate doesn't want to be the center of attention, and she certainly has no inclination for glory. Instead, she's loyal, honest, and incredibly humble. You won't find a better friend than Kate, and that's that.

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However, she also shares the weaknesses of this kind house: she has pretty poor self-esteem, and it could also be argued that she doesn't have a whole lot of ambition. All things considered though, this warm-hearted gal definitely fits into this house, and we love every part of her.

7 Toby Damon: Hufflepuff

We also think Toby fits into this sweet house, and it's no surprise that he and Kate get each other on a whole other level. Toby is also so dang selfless, loyal, and humble. In fact, this couple has the kindest hearts on this entire show. Toby is modest and dedicated, but he also shares a bit of that poor self-esteem and lack of ambition. However, together, these two are bringing this house down in the sweetest of ways. Toby also has quirkiness and humor coming out of every fiber of his being.

6 Rebecca Pearson: Ravenclaw

Rebecca is one of three Ravenclaws on this list. Rebecca is clearly intelligent, but she's also incredibly creative and curious. She's often the voice of reason, which often makes her the "less fun" parent. However, the weaknesses of this house also plague this complex character. Rebecca often feels isolated and disconnected from others, and she can also be viewed as cold at times. But besides these downfalls, Rebecca checks off all the boxes of this house with her determination and individuality. Honestly, she's underrated as a terrific parent and wife.

5 Miguel Rivas: Hufflepuff

Miguel is almost painfully a Hufflepuff. Fans like to give this character a hard time, but come on, he's one of the sweetest and kindest characters on this entire series. He's INCREDIBLY loyal - to Jack, Rebecca, and their kids. He's also got honesty and humbleness coming in waves. However, this character probably annoys everybody because of the main weakness members of this house share: naivety. Poor, poor Miguel. You sweet soul, we love you and your Hufflepuff qualities.

4 Kevin Pearson: Gryffindor

Kevin is one of the most complex and lovable characters on this show. Well, we also think he's the only Gryffindor out of this bunch. Kevin is unarguably the most daring and courageous character, but he's also incredibly chivalrous. Kevin actually has an incredible moral compass - and it often pushes him into doing rash things in order to satisfy his need to do the right thing.

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He is also guilty of sometimes being hot-headed or reckless, which are usually the downfalls of this house. Honestly, he fits into this house pretty perfectly.

3 Sophie: Ravenclaw

While we don't get a whole lot of Sophie, we still love what she adds to the show (and Kevin's character development). Sophie is one of the three Ravenclaws on this list. Sophie is more than obviously Kevin's voice of reason, and it appears it's been that way for a really long time. She's clearly intelligent, but she also has a strong sense of self and individuality. On the flip-side, she often isolates herself in order to protect herself or in order to focus on her career. This smart, strong woman definitely fits into this house.

2 William Hill: Hufflepuff

William is the last member joining our Hufflepuff clan. We also think this choice was pretty obvious. William could not be more humble - which is the signature mark of this house. He's also incredibly loyal to his friends, family, and community, and would move mountains to ensure his dedication. However, William is also guilty of having a lack of ambition, and sometimes his low self-worth pushes him towards problems. At the end of the day, though, this man is the sweetest soul, so he's definitely a Hufflepuff.

1 Randall Pearson: Ravenclaw

Randall closes off this list by being the third and final Ravenclaw. While you could probably make an argument for a couple of the other houses, we think he best fits here. Randall is quite literally obsessed with intelligence and knowledge, and this is clear from like, his infancy. He's also curious, creative, and doesn't exactly 'follow the crowd'. He likes to create change, and his heart is usually in a selfless and compassionate place. However, like the other Ravenclaws, this sometimes isolates Randall from his siblings and even his family. Regardless of this weakness, Randall is consistently the voice of reason, and we're more than happy he uses that big brain of his for the general good.

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