This Is Us: 10 Facts About Kevin Pearson Many Fans Don't Know

With a great smile and charming personality to match, the character of Kevin Pearson has become one that people are beginning to feel attached to.

After becoming a Tuesday night favorite, American actor Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin Pearson on the award-winning drama series This Is Us, has practically won the hearts of America. With a great smile and charming personality to match, the character of Kevin Pearson has become one that people are not only beginning to feel attached to but also one that people are beginning to understand.

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From the start of his acting career to pranks on set, Justin Hartley has never shied away from allowing himself to explore the best (and sometimes, worse) parts about what it means to be a human through his character. Calling all This Is Us fans - here are 10 Facts About Kevin Pearson you might not have known.

10 Hartley found "relief" in his character

Despite his fight with alcoholism, a failed marriage, and a few Hollywood mess-ups, Justin Hartley has revealed that he actually finds "relief" in his character's complicated past. He states, "Not to sound twisted, but I was a little relieved because [...] season one was building up to something; A crescendo like, ‘What’s going to happen to this guy?’"

Hartley then goes on to explain that what he loves about playing Kevin Pearson is that all his problems make him the most human. They make him relatable, and that alone allows Hartley to approach his character with understanding, just as any great actor would.

9 He's Not Just An Actor

Not so different from his tv person, Hartley - like Kevin himself - is no stranger to the limelight. From daytime soap operas to primetime TV, Hartley has always loved acting and working in the entertainment industry.

However, one thing many people may not know is that Hartley is also a writer and director. After working on the American superhero television series Smallville, Hartley developed an interest in both writing and directing. This Is Us is a show with a team of fantastic writers behind it... Maybe one of these days, Hartley will try his hand at his own character's story.

8 He's the WORST at keeping secrets

Everyone who watches This Is Us knows that by the end of an episode, everything you know about your favorite family's story could be turned on its head completely. With that being said, the "no spoilers" policy for This Is Us fans on the West Coast (who always receive the latest airting for the show) is a huge deal -- but not when it comes to Hartley.

Though not intentional, in interviews and on-camera appearance, Hartley tends to hint at little messages and scenes that kind of give away what's about to be shown in an episode. It's okay. If anyone's gonna spoil the show for us, we're glad it's Kevin Pearson himself.

7 He never gets to film with Milo Ventimiglia

Hartley along with his co-star Sterling K. Brown, who plays his on-screen brother Randall, have often said how much they consider Milo Ventimiglia (Jack Pearson) a close friend and brother. Drawing from their relationships with each other, it's so easy to see how family chemistry is able to play out so well on screen.

However, the one complaint that Hartley has is that he never gets to shoot scenes with Ventigmilia at all! [SPOILER] Because his father dies when he is 16, we never get to see adult Kevin spend any time with his dad. Thank goodness for behind the scenes footage!

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6 Kevin's rehab was filmed at Hartley's real-life wedding venue

In the show's second season, audiences learn that Kevin begins to deal with his drinking problem by going to rehab. While watching the show, one might think that the rehab was one that looked like a true safe-haven. Playing off the idea that Kevin is actually a Hollywood star, this would make sense, but in real life, it's actually the place where Hartley got married.

According to executive producer Issac Aptaker, Hartley had spent a lot of time in that facility both acting out some of the most painful moments of his character's story, and having a beautiful wedding in the same space.

5 We might see Kevin become a father

During the season finale last season, the show made a huge jump forward in time - perhaps, another decade. It was a time where Randall and Beth's children were grown, where we got a glimpse of Rebecca looking a little older, and possibly the hint of Kevin's son.

While we can't know for sure, the last episode does show a young boy running around the Pearson house. While no one from the cast or creative team has been allowed to give any details away (as usual), it's safe to assume that Kevin might go on to have children himself.

4 Hartley has a daughter named Isabella

On the show, both of Kevin's siblings - Randall and Kate - go on to have their own children. Known as Uncle Kevin to all of them, Kevin has begun to take on this role of someone who always gets to be there as babysitter, helping hand, or support system to his nieces and nephews.

This might be easy for Hartley to portray because he does have a daughter in real life. Her name is Isabella, and because Hartley's show does so well with the critics, she is often his red-carpet date at Awards Shows. How sweet!

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3 He loved working with Sylvester Stallone

In Season 2 of This Is Us, Kevin takes on another Hollywood gig - a role in a film with the one and only Sylvester Stallone who played himself as a guest star on the show. In real life, Hartley has stated that working with him was a huge honor.

On the show, Kate tells Stallone that he was one of their late father's favorite actors, and when Kevin hears that, he becomes phased. Perhaps it's the grief in the fact that his father won't get to see him act, but at least Hartley and Stallone on screen together is a nice surprise.

2 Kevin's relationship with his uncle is important

This Is Us is currently in its third season and is continuing to reveal a lot about the relationship between Jack Pearson and his brother Nicky. At present, Kevin, who calls his dad's brother Uncle Nicky, is finding companionship in his newfound uncle.

It doesn't take long for audiences to notice that, although the two may have started off on the wrong foot, Kevin is beginning to see so much of his late father in his uncle. On the show's latest episode, you'll notice Kevin having visions of his father on screen, as Jack suddenly appears in Nicky's place multiple times. It's exciting and heartwarming to see where this relationship will go.

1 Hartley has never been nominated for an award

Unless you've been a dedicated day time soap opera fan, you might not have heard about Justin Hartley before his role in This Is Us. However, he's appeared many times on the CBS soap The Young and the Restless where his work earned him an Emmy nomination. He's also appeared on NBC's Passions and the TV Series, Revenge.

Yet, it's easy to say that many of Hartley's admirers and fans come from the This Is Us fan base, as they relate to his truthful yet heartbreaking story. Though still having not won an award for his role as Kevin Pearson, we're almost positive that's an honor that is surely on its way.

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