In This is the End, some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities gather for an epic party at James Franco’s house, when an unexplained apocalyptic event suddenly strikes Los Angeles, killing many of our favorite stars in hilarious ways. The bevy of talented comedic actors playing versions of themselves in this extreme situation – including Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride and others –  has made the film one of the more anticipated of the summer.

Though the setup is intriguing and potentially very funny, the slew of surprising big-name cameos is also helping the film generate plenty of interest.

This Is the End Movie Trailer Red Band 2 2013 570x295 This is the End Clip: Emma Watsons Apocalypse Theories

In the red and green-band trailers for the film, we’ve seen Michael Cera get skewered by a pole, pop-superstar Rihanna fall into a giant sinkhole and comic Kevin Hart try to kick fellow comedian/Parks and Rec star Aziz Ansari into the same massive bottomless pit. However, the most unexpected appearance of all was Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, who forces her way into Franco’s home-turned-bunker wielding an ax and looking for food and shelter.

A new clip (above) shows us more of Watson’s interaction with our main cast of survivors, which we can assume takes place shortly after Watson smashes her way into their stronghold and smashes Rogen’s face with the butt of her weapon in the process. She tells some of her personal survival story and cites a zombie outbreak as the cause behind all of the chaos.

Ever since the film and its premise were announced, there has been endless speculation about what singular source could be responsible for the ensuing destruction, but from what we’ve seen and heard, it appears Watson’s story is not the whole story.

This Is the End Tailer Red Band 2 This is the End Clip: Emma Watsons Apocalypse Theories

Emma Watson in ‘This is the End’

In previous trailers, we’ve gotten glimpses of long-tailed creatures, which we asked co-writers/directors Rogen and Evan Goldberg about during a set visit. Of course, instead of a definitive answer, Rogen offered up more jokes and Goldberg remained tight-lipped. Said Rogen:

You saw some creatures? Who knows if that’s a place-holder creature or what? Jay could be a demon this whole movie.

Said Goldberg:

I’m not really enlightening people as to exactly how that goes down, or what happens. It’s just the “End of the World.” [Laughing]

Obviously, the filmmakers don’t want to give too much away, but something more is definitely going on in This is the End. Of course, the real appeal of the film for most is seeing these comedic actors engage in hilarious improvised banter with each other and with stars such as Watson. So does it really matter how it all ends? Maybe not. The ride alone will hopefully be worth the price of admission.

This is the End hits theatres on June 12, 2013.

Source: Sony Pictures

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