Depending on who one asks, the upcoming This Is the End is either a brilliant piece of meta-comedy or the nadir of Hollywood self-obsession. In the apocalyptic movie, friends Seth Rogen (The Guilt Trip), James Franco (Oz the Great and Powerful), Jay Baruchel (RoboCop), Danny McBride (Eastbound and Down), and Craig Robinson (Peeples) all play versions of themselves on the night of a blowout party. When a series of cataclysms begin to rip the entire world apart, the entitled and utterly unprepared movie stars retreat into Franco’s home in an effort to survive.

This Is the End Back Waxing This Is the End Cast Promises Bizarre Video Stunts for Facebook Likes

Of course, very little of this is shown in the above promotional preview video. In a move set to match This Is the End‘s apparent madness, the film’s stars have challenged Internet viewers to “Like” the production’s Facebook page in mass numbers. In exchange, they promise to perform and film a series of stunts, to be posted on YouTube. Here’s the breakdown on what fans can expect if the page reaches enough Likes:

  • At 500,000 Likes, McBride will wax Rogen’s notoriously hairy back.
  • At 650,000 Likes, Baruchel and McBride will recreate the romantic spaghetti-eating scene from Lady and the Tramp.
  • At 800,000 Likes, Rogen will paint a nude portrait of Franco.

While this newest promotion for This Is the End has little to do with the film’s world-breaking plot, it does seem to reflect the, “Bunch of friends get together and mess around,” feel of previous trailers. It’s certainly a canny way to engage the Web demographic, though one has to wonder whether the disconnected feel of the campaign will be an effective tool for marketing a movie that’s still a month away from release.

If you’re eager for more This is the End info right now, make sure to check out our coverage from the film’s set – including interviews and behind-the-scenes details:


This Is the End will crash into cinemas on June 12th, 2013.

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