Third Walking Dead Series Is Set 10 Years Post-Apocalypse

The Walking Dead Franchise

AMC's upcoming third TV show based on The Walking Dead comic books will be set 10 years post-apocalypse, putting it in the same time frame as The Walking Dead season 10. Unlike the original show and first spinoff Fear the Walking Dead, which showed the progress of the zombie apocalypse from its early days, this new series will focus on the first generation of kids who grew up in a world full of danger.

Set to premiere in Spring 2020, the new Walking Dead series is currently filming in Virginia under the working title Monument. A teaser for the show was released this summer that seemed to imply it would begin further back in time, with the cast talking to the camera and saying "there have been things going on in The Walking Dead universe since the very start of the story, all happening over all these years." The teaser goes on to say that these other stories will be revealed in the show - but it seems that the main narrative will be starting at around the same time that the Alexandrians are engaging in the Whisperer War.

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Speaking to the Chicago Tribune (via, star Nico Tortorella set the scene for the new Walking Dead show, and the role his character plays. “His name is Felix and he is very much the protector of a younger generation,” Tortorella explained. “The show is focusing on a younger generation of people, 10 years post-apocalypse, and I’m kind of the dad in charge.” At 31, Tortorella is the oldest member of the show's main cast, with the rest mostly being in their late teens to early 20s. If the show is 10 years post-apocalypse, this means that most of them will have been young children during the zombie outbreak, and lived half of their lives or more in the new world.

Nico Tortorella as Trevor Sheldon in Scream 4
Nico Tortorella in Scream 4

The Walking Dead had a relatively slow pace until recently, with the first eight seasons covering a period of about two years. Then there was a 1.5 year time jump between seasons 8 and 9, followed by a six year time jump in the middle of season 9, during which Judith Grimes grew from a toddler to a fierce pre-teen fighter. Fear the Walking Dead, meanwhile, is trailing behind at around three years post-apocalypse.

The decision to choose a time setting in line with the original series was likely made, at least in part, to keep the possibility of a crossover open. The two existing Walking Dead shows have already crossed over, with characters Morgan and Dwight moving from The Walking Dead to Fear. While there probably aren't plans to have the third Walking Dead series cross over this early, that's definitely the sort of thing that AMC would want to keep in its back pocket, in case the new show needs a boost in viewership.

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