Think You Know Movie Trivia? Test Your Knowledge!

Hey, in the mood to take a break from reading movie news and seeing how you stack up in the movie trivia arena? Check out the online demo of a new game coming out for the PS2 called Buzz: The Hollywood Quiz.

I don't cover games here on Screen Rant because frankly, I spend enough time in front of a computer monitor as it is. :-) However I thought you might enjoy this since it tests your knowledge of movies, plus you can compete to win prizes.

You can check it out below.

The first round is a speed round, which gives you more questions and a higher point possibility. The second round is for points and is similar to "The Weakest Link" in that you can bank your points before asking a question you're unsure about.

I thought the demo was pretty fun. My score was 2400. Can you beat it? :-)

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