20 Things Wrong With Thor Everyone Chooses To Ignore

Thor and Jane Foster

The God of Thunder is handsome, charming, built like a brick house, funny and has long flowing blonde hair. He's pretty much the perfect man. Of course, he's also a God, which is always a plus. However, there's another side to Thor. He's not as a perfect as some people think. In fact, he might be more human than a god after all. Thor is from the planet Asgard but travels throughout the Nine Realms with his superhuman powers and wields his trusty hammer Mjolnir. He first debuted in 1962 during the Silver Age of Comics, as icons Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Larry Lieber created Tho and his first appearance was in Journey Into Mystery #83. Thor's now one of Marvel's most popular superheroes, as he appears on merchandise and other Marvel products. He also appeared in both animated and live action formats, as he's a crucial part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Thor appeared in several solo films as well as The Avengers movies. He's one of the most popular superheroes in the world. However, there are many aspects to Thor that fans ignore. Thor's made some questionable decisions and he can also let his ego get in the way. There's a lot that his dashing good looks and superpowers cover up. Thor might be a God but he sure does act like a human sometimes. It's time to take a closer look at The God of Thunder. Here's 20 Things Wrong With Thor Everyone Chooses To Ignore.


Thor has superhuman strength, unique healing abilities and super stamina. His main weapon is his hammer Mjolnir, which helps him fly. He can also summon the elements, such as, thunder, rain and lighting. However, the powerful God once resorted to using a gun. Honestly, a gun seems unnecessary when he can summon lighting. Thor caused quite the uproar when he used a gun in Thor: Ragnarok, but that wasn't the first time though. In 1991, Odin merges Thor with architect Eric Masterson in order to protect him. Masterson then took over the mantle of Thor in the comic book series. However, he felt out matched at one point and turned to a mega gun. The Asgardians considered his use of a gun cowardly because of his god status.


Iron Man vs. Thor vs. Captain America

It's easy to assume that the God of Thunder would have all the answers, but it would just make him seem like a know it all. To be fair, he is a God so there's a chance he knows everything. Regardless, on more than one occasion, he has acted impulsively because he assumed to know everything. For instance, Thor and Captain America meet for the first time in The Avengers. Thor comes to Earth looking for Loki but finds Cap instead. Thor assumes Captain America is the enemy and swings his hammer without asking a single question. Of course, he becomes good friends with Captain America later. However, his impulsive nature has put the entire Nine Realms in danger. His impulsive actions and need to always be right has backfired more than once.


Radioactive Man Avengers Villain

Thor has made some questionable choices in his life. In fact, he's been very un-superhero like at times. In his earlier appearances, he didn't care about saving everyone. During World War II, he even fought against the Allied Powers in the comics. Later, he decided to take out the entire country of China. In Journey Into Mystery #93, Thor felt the need to attack Communist China but they fought back. They created Radioactive Man to counter Thor and they did battle in the streets of New York, but Thor got the last laugh. He created a tornado to engulf Radioactive Man and sent him back to China. Radioactive Man warns him that he'll nuke the whole country. Thor doesn't care about the loss of life and sends him back anyway. Thor can be cold and callous despite being a hero.


Thor and the Infinity Stones

Thor searched the Nine Realms and beyond for the Infinity Stones, where he encountered evil forces that wanted to stop him. However, he just kept searching and searching for the stones. Well, actually he gives up at one point. Regardless, he spent a lot of time worrying about the Infinity Stones, yet he seems to know nothing about them. In fact, he even commits himself to finding more about the stones. The Infinity Stones are a crucial plot element in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the stones are at the heart of the MCU. They've made several appearance in the series. Thor has encountered them the most but he knows the least about them. It seems that he wasted a lot of time searching for the stones. He didn't find them or any answers.


Thor has defeated his fiercest enemies with the help of his hammer Mjolnir, so he has a very special connection with the hammer. In fact, Mjolnir chose him, not the other way around. Thor is nothing without his special hammer and requires it in all situations. That's until he suddenly doesn't need it. Thor's connection with Mjolnir's isn't an special as he thinks. In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor's sister Hela easily destroys Mjolnir. He seems hopeless without his hammer, as he no longer has his only special weapon. No problem. He simply goes out and finds a new weapon. Well, it's actually not an easy task to get a new weapon, but it seems he didn't really need Mjolnir. He moves onto a new weapon and quickly forgets about is precious Mjolnir.


It's always awkward to run into an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. At least it's not as bad as the time Thor and his ex Jane Foster fought it out. Thor's been in a few relationships and attracts a lot of women, so he's had his fair share of romance. Regardless, his greatest love is Jane Foster. Sadly, Thor and Jane break up in the comics due to a combination of events results in Thor becoming disillusioned and giving up his godhood. Despite battling cancer, Jane then takes over the mantle of Thor. The former Thor, now Odinson, confronts the new Thor, but he's unaware that it's his ex-girlfriend. They ended up in a brutal battle with Thor inflicting damage on Jane. In the end, Jane's victorious over the old Thor and sends him packing.


Thor has a complicated relationship with Earth. Like most superheroes, he protects Earth from evil forces. However, on a few occasions, Thor's been the danger that Earth needs protecting from. In Thor #68 the series jumps forward to the year 2020. Thor conquered Earth after the Asgardians defeated the humans in a great war, where he rules over the people with an iron fist. The Asgardians monitor human babies from birth in case they pose a threat. His main advisors are Loki and Enchantress, who help him re-educate troublemakers including Jane Foster. He's able to end poverty and war, but creates a whole slew of new problems. Thor then goes back in time to change past events, where he realizes that conquering Earth would be a mistake.


Learning from history and past mistakes is a crucial part of life. In fact, history's filled with important life lessons. Apparently, Thor skipped school that day and missed that lesson. He rarely learns from his actions and doesn't deal with the consequences of his choices. No matter how many times he starts a war, he just doesn't learn. In Thor #58, Slokovian soldiers take out a group of Thor worshipping rebels, so Thor sent the Asgardians to invade the country and conquer it. The rest of the world and other superheroes condemn his actions. They send in the military and other superheroes to stop him. Captain America steps in and cooler heads prevailed. Regardless, it's quite alarming how quickly Thor invaded a sovereign country.


Despite being a God, even Thor makes bad choices. It's always important to be forgiving. However, siding with the bad guys is pretty difficult to over look. On more than one occasions Thor sided with the villains. In fact, he was once a member of the notorious organization Hydra. In Secret Empire # 1, Captain America's manipulated into becoming an agent of Hyrda. He recruits a team of loyal followers to complete his mission. So, of course, he turns to the God of Thunder for help. Thor gladly joins up with Hydra to ensure they can take over the world. Every superhero ends up on the wrong side from time to time. Although, it happens to Thor way too often.


Dr. Donald Blake is a humble surgeon that's just trying to save lives. He's a no different than any other man. Oh, well he's actually the Asgardian God of Thunder, so he's a bit different. Alter egos play a big role in comic books. Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne and Steve Rogers are all as famous as their superhero counterparts. The alter ego gives a different perspective to the character. Thor's alter ego is Donald Blake. He appears as Blake first before becoming Thor and it's as Blake that Thor comes to love humanity. Donald Blake plays an important role in Thor's growth. In the MCU, Donald Blake is a throwaway line. It's simply a fake name Thor uses in one scene. In fact, Dr. Donald Blake has no role in the MCU whatsoever.


Critics consider the Thor films to be one of the weakest franchises in the MCU, as the MCU made several changes that hurt the films. In the comics, Thor has one of the most intriguing origin stories. However, the Marvel Cinematic Universe abandoned the original origin story. In the comics, he first appears as Dr. Donald Blake and finds a staff hidden in a cave, which turns him into Thor. His father, Odin, wanted to teach him humility by putting him in Blake's partially disabled body. In the MCU, his father banished him to Earth for disobeying the rules. However, it's only for a short amount of time and not as long as in the comics. As noted, his alter ego plays a small role in the MCU. The lack of origin story makes the character one dimensional. He lacks depth and character development in the MCU.


Marvel's Thor drew inspiration from the Norse God of the same name. Marvel adapted the Norse mythology to their series, but didn't worry about being accurate. The two Thors have a few similarities but a lot more differences. They're both the God of Thunder and can summon certain elements. They both also wield the hammer Mjolnir, however Norse Thor can't fly. The similarities stop there. Marvel's Thor has long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and speaks with a English accent. On the other hand, Norse Thor actually had red hair, a trademark beard and spoke no English. Additionally, Marvel's Thor is busy falling in love with humans like Jane Foster, while Norse Thor doesn't have time for humans. Instead he marries the goddess Sif who is also significantly different in Norse mythology. In fact, Marvel changed a majority of the Norse mythology to fit their story.


For someone that's supposedly a superhero, Thor certainly enjoys starting wars. He almost started a World War but somehow managed to top that. He once violated an ancient treaty and almost started a universal war, which could have destroyed the entire galaxy. Years ago, Asgard signed a treaty with Niflheim. They agreed that no Asgardians were allowed inside Niflheim. In Thor, Thor disregarded his father's orders and walked right into Niflheim. This violates the treaty and Asgard goes to the brink of war. Odin punishes Thor for his actions and banishes him to Earth. It's worth pointing out that it wasn't Thor's choice to come to Earth, but his father forced him to go and took away his powers.


Thor's a God with unique powers and abilities. Turns out that even Gods can be hurt, which is quite the surprise. As noted, his main powers are summoning the elements and his hammer. However, his powers are sometimes confusing. For instance, he requires his hammer to fly, but other times has flown without it. Most of the confusion revolves around his healing abilities. Since he's a God, one would assume he can't be hurt or taken out. In fact, there are times when he's pretty much indestructible. However, it's possible to stab and injure him, which makes little sense considering the damage he can handle. There's times when he's more human than God. Depending on the situation, he's able to heal at a faster rate, but can still be hurt.


Adapting Thor to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a difficult task. Thor's mythology doesn't always fit well with the more grounded aspects of the MCU, so they made several changes to the character for the big screen. In the comics, Jane Foster plays a much larger role. She's an assistant to Dr. Donald Blake and later goes on her own adventures. Eventually, she even takes over the mantle of Thor. In the MCU, she has a much smaller role. She has no medical background and only appears in the first two Thor films. Additionally, a crucial element to Jane's story is her relationship with Donald Blake. Since Blake doesn't appear, it hurts her character. Jane didn't appear in the third film but there's always a chance she'll return.


The Avengers is a superhero team consisting of the best Marvel has to offer. The Avengers has had various members throughout the years, including Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man and Thor. Presumably, The Avengers have an advantage because one of their members is a God. However, Thor might be a God but that doesn't make him the most powerful Avenger. In fact, he has some tough competition with the other members. For example, Thor has battled Hulk on a few occasions. He has been victorious, but just barley. In fact, he has a very difficult time when facing the Hulk. Additionally, Captain America is either stronger or as strong as Thor. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Cap is able to slightly move Mjolnir while everyone else failed.


Avengers Age of Ultron Thor Captain America Iron Man

Thor has a very difficult time letting someone else be in charge. Despite being a member of the world famous Avengers, he's actually not the best team player. It appears that he prefers to work on his own. In The Avengers, when the group first gets together, Thor's reluctant to follow Captain America or Iron Man. In fact, he often goes off on his own and gives little details to anyone else. Additionally, he never calls on the other Avengers for any help. He fought a host of evil forces, but opts to defeat them on his own. When he's part of a group, he likes to call the shots and be in charge.


Thor and Jane Foster

Thor's not only the God of Thunder, but he's also quite the ladies man. In fact, it's possible that being charming is one of his superpowers. However, he's terrible at committing to one woman. He's been with a long list of women, such as, Sif, Brunnhilde and an entire village of Vikings. He even managed to be with himself at one point. It was actually his subconscious that he fell in love with. However, the love of his life is Jane Foster. Regardless, he doesn't treat her very well. For instance, Jane was diagnosed with cancer and broke up with Thor. Thor was devastated and lashed out at her. He reveals to her that he was unfaithful to her throughout the relationship. Apparently, superheroes don't make good boyfriends and they're terrible at handling break ups.


Thor's greatest weakness is his inability to follow the rules. It's like he goes out of his way to break the rules and he just can't help himself. Considering he's a superhero, he might want to try following the rules from time to time. There are many superheroes that operate outside of the law. However, Thor has a hard time following simple rules. As noted, he disobeyed his father and violated an ancient treaty. His impulsive nature, arrogance and disregard for the rules isn't very hero like. As a matter of fact, his breaking the rules has caused more damage. There are times to break the rules and times when to follow them. Thor struggles to follow the rules.


The pressures of being a superhero and God of Thunder were too much for Thor to handle, so he eventually went insane and created an alter ego named Valkyrie. He fell madly in love with her and obeys her every word. However, she's actually a part of his own subconscious, so Thor essentially falls in love with himself. It's hard to blame the guy. Under Valkyrie's influence, Thor goes on a rampage and nearly destroys the universe. Luckily, his father Odin's able to separate Thor and Valkyrie. Regardless, it seems that there's a part of Thor that wants to destroy the universe. He often lets power go to his head and his ego get in the way. In his defence, Thor's gone on one wild ride through the Nine Realms and faced obstacles most superheroes haven't.


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