15 Things We Want To See In Orphan Black Season 5

Orphan Black Together

With Orphan Black's fifth season officially announced as the BBC America show's last, there's a lot to get done in a short amount of time. The series, starring Tatiana Maslany, Tatiana Maslany, Tatiana Maslany and Tatiana Maslany, has built quite the web of mysteries throughout its four seasons on the air, and, if the show wants to go out on top, it's going to have to find a way to wrap those all up in spectacular fashion.

However, there's more that viewers want to see in the series' final season than just twists and turns (although we definitely want to see those). Although Orphan Black is very clearly a sci-fi series, it is also very character-based, and we all want to see our favorite characters end up in a good spot. Here are fifteen things that viewers want to see happen during Orphan Black's last season; writers, please take note!

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Orphan Black Percival Westmoreland
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15 Percival Westmoreland

Orphan Black Percival Westmoreland

Westmoreland's arrival was teased in the season four cliffhanger, with Rachel earning a meeting with him courtesy of the Neolution board (there really is always a board) after her betrayal of Susan and Sarah. Westmoreland, the author of a history of Neolution book that Clone Club has just begun to explore, also designed Rachel's artificial eye and gave her the swan visions, which we still don't know the full explanation behind. Despite the ridiculous sounding name, it appears that Westmoreland knows quite a lot about our favorite clones and their rivals.

Even with such little information on his character thus far, it's clear that Westmoreland will be very important to the Clone Club's future. Westmoreland might just be the mysterious piece bringing the whole storyline together, and we are eager to see what his introduction may bring to the series. Hopefully there will be some news on what actor will be cast in the important role soon.

14 A happy ending for Felix

Orphan Black Felix

Felix has been a stalwart supporter of Clone Club throughout the series, even when it was a detriment to his own happiness, as seen this season when he sent away his biological sister Adele in order to keep her safe from getting embroiled in all of the clone drama. From supporting Sarah, even when she goes off the rails, to calming Alison, to being the best uncle for Kira, Felix has proved that he will do anything to help his sister.

However, because of his importance to the sestras, Felix's life may be in danger in the series' final season. Killing off Felix would certainly prompt the clones to take some serious action, which might just be the type of drama the series wants to use in its final episodes. We hope this doesn't happen, though, as Felix's loyalty makes him one of the characters most deserving of a happy ending.

13 Continuing the lack of focus on the Castor clones

Orphan Black Castor

The introduction of the Castor clones may have seemed like a good idea on paper, but it didn't work out very well in Orphan Black's third season. Most of this was due to the fact that Ari Millen, who plays the various male clones, doesn't have Tatiana Maslany's acting chops. Although this isn't Millen's fault (99 percent of working actors don't have Maslany's level of talent), it meant that all of the storylines involving the Castor clones fell short, with the boys too hard to differentiate and too uninteresting to spend time focusing on.

Season four worked with the Castor clones much better, featuring them in the background but not in prominent roles. The clones could not be written out entirely after their introduction, but keeping them in the background so that the focus could stay on the Leda clones was definitely the right move for the show. Hopefully this primary focus on Sarah and her sisters will stay through season five, as they are the true lifeblood of the show.

12 Tony

Orphan Black Tony

Tony, the transgender clone, was introduced in season two for just one episode, but he really made an impression on the show's fans. He also shared a kiss with Sarah's adoptive brother Felix before disappearing from the show, and the clone hasn't made an appearance since.

In season five, we would love to see Tony's reintroduction and full integration into Clone Club. Although Sarah sent him away to keep him safe, and he's probably better off if he stays far, far away from his sisters, it would be great to see Tony interacting with all of the other clones and helping to stand up to Neolution. We would love to see what he has been up to since his appearance; surely, one of the many parties hunting after the clones must have hunted him down at some point. Plus, if he came back, maybe him and Felix could explore their relationship a bit more.

11 Alison in more musicals

Orphan Black Alison Musical

Everyone's favorite former alcoholic has proved that she is a shining star on stage (excluding the times that she falls off of it). Alison's foray into musical stardom has been a breath of fresh air for a show that can sometimes get too dark for its own good, and, with the tease of her doing rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar at the end of season four, it looks like everyone's favorite suburban housewife may have some more starring roles in her future. Hopefully, season five will give viewers the full show, complete with reappearances from Alison's good friends Sarah Stubbs and the community players, and, of course airplane bottles of vodka.

Not only does Alison starring in musicals give us awesome moments like her season two meltdown, it also gives viewers a chance to hear Tatiana Maslany's surprisingly good singing voice. Of course she's good at that too, Tat is good at everything.

10 Really just more of Alison in general

Orphan Black Alison Donnie

Although all of the clones have their merits, Alison is by far the best. She's spunky, smart and the most interesting suburban mom on television since Nancy Botwin on Weeds. Alison has come a far way since her first appearance on Orphan Black, turning from uptight parent to accidental murderer to school council candidate to drug dealer. Her life has so many twists and turns that it could be a show within itself—in fact, most viewers would probably be content to spend their whole day watching just the scene of Alison and Donny dancing with a bunch of money in their underwear (aka the most gif-able moment in the history of television). Although Alison is more removed from the central mysteries of the show than some of the other clones, her appearances on screen always help the show to find its comedic center, and, with her ever evolving relationship with Helena and her involvement with Brightborn, it seems like Alison is set to play a bigger role in Clone Club in the future.

9 Another clone dance party

Orphan Black Clone Dance Party

The season two finale of Orphan Black provided lots of developments in the show's plot and mysteries, most notably the reveal of the existence of the Castor clones. However, in the midst of all those developments which left many viewers reeling, the finale also produced quite probably the greatest scene in the show's history: the clone dance party.

The party, a feat of CGI brilliance, showed everyone's favorite Maslanys: Cosima, Helena, Sarah and Alison, all taking a moment off to have fun and dance together in a feat of brilliant CGI magic. The scene was sweet, fun and an incredibly impressive feat to pull off, proving that Orphan Black is not only innovative in its storytelling but in its special effects. Although the show tried to equal the scene with the clone dinner party at the end of season three, it has never again quite captured the magic of those two minutes. Season five will hopefully be able to find some time to bring all of the clones together for a few minutes of freedom.

8 More Kira

Orphan Black Kira

Kids in TV and movies are usually frustrating and annoying, existing only to get in trouble and force the main character to put themselves in a bad situation. Sarah's daughter Kira, though, has been a breath of fresh air, proving that child characters can be just as interesting and entertaining as adults.

Kira has been played brilliantly by child actress Skyler Wexler over the show's four seasons thus far, with Wexler proving an impressive range for someone so young. Wexler has grown a lot as an actress over her time on the show, especially in this past season, and the young star definitely deserves more appearances.

Kira's continued involvement in Clone Club also prevents her appearances from getting redundant or unnecessary, with her character constantly being involved with Sarah's sisters through both her biology and hints of possible psychic powers. Hopefully Kira will get even more screen time in season five, with a further exploration of how she can help Sarah and her sisters survive.

7 A better storyline for Art

Orphan Black Art

Art has always been a good presence to have on the show, with his police connections providing solid information for Sarah and her sisters. However, although his involvement made a lot of sense in season one due to his connection to Beth, Art's continued involvement in the show has been spotty at best, with the character often being forgotten about and shuffled to the side in favor of more clone-focused stories.

However, Art doesn't deserve this treatment, as Kevin Hanchard's character is a delight to have on screen. With him being shown more in season four due to increased focus on Beth (more on that later), Art became a much bigger presence on the show, and it was better off for that. A better, more solidly clone focused storyline for Art would allow viewers to have more of Hanchard's great acting while also bringing the character's helpful outside perspective to Clone Club.

6 More Beth flashbacks

Orphan Black Beth

The revolutionary season four premiere episode finally answered the question that viewers have been asking throughout the show's entire run: who actually is Beth Childs? Childs' suicide started the series, introducing Sarah into the clone world. However, even with Sarah taking on Beth's identity for the first part of the first season, her character was never really fully explored.

The season four premiere remedied a lot of these wrongs, giving viewers more time with Beth while also showing some groundbreaking revelations that changed the series as we knew it (Beth's romantic relationship with Art was just one of many game changers shown in the episode). As the premiere proved, Beth's actions leading up to her death were actually fundamental to the show's central mysteries, which means that we just might have to go back to Beth again to get some of the answers the clones have been looking for. Plus, Beth flashbacks mean we get to see Hot Paul again, and that can never be a bad thing.

5 Rachel getting what's coming to her

Orphan Black Rachel

Ugh, Rachel. Every time we want to like you you turn around and stab us (and your sisters) in the back. While it seemed like Rachel may finally be getting on Sarah's side throughout season four, she proved that this couldn't be further from the truth in the finale, where she stabbed Susan Duncan and her sister before trying to shoot her as Sarah frantically ran from the house.

Although Rachel proved that she still has some sympathy in her when she fixed up Susan's wounds at the end of the episode, the only clone raised self-aware has shown that she can still be vicious in her pursuit of power, and, so far, she hasn't seen all that many consequences of her evil actions (pencil in the eye not withstanding). Hopefully in the final season Rachel either comes around to fully side with her sisters or ends up behind bars (or worse).

4 Krystal finding out she's a clone (and actually believing it)

Orphan Black Krystal

Although Krystal's reaction to Sarah telling her she was a clone in the season four finale was hilarious ("This is what you think I look like?"), it didn't actually bring our favorite bubbly blonde into the clone mix, leaving her in denial about her true biological nature. Krystal being out of the loop has been a big source of comedy for the show, with the manicurist still convinced that the conspiracy she's in on has to do with rival make-up companies trying to do testing on humans.

However, as much fun as it is to hear her blaming a murder on Estee Lauder, it would be great to see one of the few unaware clones left finally get fully initiated into the group in season five. Krystal's fun personality and constant resilience has quickly made her a fan favorite clone, and seeing her alongside all of her sisters would be the icing on the cake.

3 Cosima and Delphine together again

Orphan Black Cosima Delphine

Delphine's apparent death in the season three finale broke the hearts of viewers everywhere, breaking up her relationship with Cosima and leaving her (and all of us) absolutely devastated. However, after a season of sadness, Orphan Black finally gave viewers some hope in the final episodes of season four, revealing that Delphine is, in fact, alive and even going so far as to reunite her with her lost love in the last moments of the season.

However, Orphan Black isn't a show that's just going to let its characters be happy for a few minutes, so, of course, Cosima and Delphine's relationship still has a few mysterious roadblocks in its path. Although we're okay with them having to go through some trials before they are able to get back together, we hope that the two lovebirds end up living happily ever after, doing science and saving the universe as only they can.

2 Helena's parenting skills

Orphan Black Helena

Helena's pregnancy provided lots of great moments throughout this season, with the blonde taking to parenthood in a different way than most. Her confusion and hilarity is only outshined by the sweetness of how much she cares about her unborn children, showing off her softer side and giving a whole new dimension to the character (and, once again showing off Tatiana Maslany's acting ability, because we needed even more examples of that). Her pregnancy has also allowed the clone, who was often separated from her sisters, to develop more of a relationship with Alison and Donny, turning them into the strange but somehow perfect family that we never realized we needed.

However, the end of the season left Helena still pregnant, although she did look about ready to pop. Hopefully, Helena will have her babies in the season five premiere, because we have a feeling that seeing how Helena handles raising two children will probably quickly become a highlight of the series.

1 Answers

Orphan Black

Orphan Black has woven a complicated web over its four seasons, with twist after twist being introduced in every episode. While this incredibly fast pace helps to keep the show interesting, it also makes it hard to keep track of what's actually going on, and sometimes makes the show too convoluted to actually make sense.

Season five has an opportunity to right that wrong, with the set ending date finally giving the writers the opportunity to answer questions without having to introduce more on top of them to keep the show going. Although the show will likely expand its mythology quite a bit in its final season, hopefully it also takes the time to answer some of the questions that viewers have been asking for the entirety of its run. If Orphan Black can somehow wrap up all of the threads that it has left hanging over the past four seasons into one cohesive storyline, it has the potential to go down as one of the greatest television shows of all time.

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