11 Things We Need To See In The Massive Arrowverse Crossover Episode

Supergirl and The Flash

Supergirl is officially heading to The CW in the fall, which can only mean one thing: those Flarrow crossovers are about to get a massive upgrade. The network is now home to four DC properties: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, and CW chief Mark Pedowitz revealed that they have every intention of making the most of their superhero wealth. “Just imagine what our superhero crossover episode is going to look like come December,” he said during the CW upfronts.

Since Arrow premiered in 2012, the CW has been expanding its superhero programming, first with The Flash, an Arrow spinoff in 2014, and then with Legends of Tomorrow. Arrow and The Flash continue to be fairly well intertwined, with characters frequently hopping from one show to another. Supergirl, which just wrapped up its first season at CBS, is now the only DC show on The CW that takes place in a different universe (or on a different Earth, if you will), but that didn’t stop The Flash from paying National City a visit for an epic Flash/Supergirl crossover episode. Now, with Supergirl officially at the CW, the crossover potential is limitless.

Here are 11 Things We Need To See In The Massive Arrowverse Crossover Episode.

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Oliver Queen in Arrow
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11 Oliver Meets Supergirl

Oliver Queen in Arrow

Previous crossover episodes at The CW have seen only a few characters make the jump from show to show, but major crossover events usually feature at least all the main characters involved. So, it’s likely that whenever this Arrow/Flash/Supergirl/Legends of Tomorrow crossover happens, Supergirl and the Green Arrow, a.k.a. Oliver Queen, will cross paths. And that historic meeting is absolutely necessary for crossover success.

Oliver Queen has seen a lot of things in his life (who knew there were so many assassins and magical beings on a deserted island?), but an alien girl who can fly and shoot lasers out of her eyes — that’s got to be a first, even for him. It would be great to see Oliver completely baffled by someone like Kara for once. Oliver may have been able to be the Obi-Wan to Barry Allen's Luke Skywalker, but Kara is way out of his league.

10 Supergirl Giving Oliver A Ride

Melissa Benoist in Supergirl

Should Supergirl cross paths with the Green Arrow, it’s only fair she give him a ride in battle. After all, he is awfully slow compared to her and The Flash. Can you imagine it — Oliver being flown around by Supergirl? We can’t imagine he’d be too happy about it, but still, we think that this has to happen, if only for the laughs.

Just the image of Kara picking Oliver up as if he weighs nothing is enough to make us giggle with joy. Just think of the gif and meme possibilities. Plus, after four seasons, anything that can throw Oliver a little outside his comfort zone is a good thing.

9 Winn fangirling Over Felicity

Winn in Supergirl

Winn is the techie of CatCo within the Supergirl universe, and it’s been established in the first season that he considers himself an amateur hacker. If he met Felicity Smoak and got to see her do her thing on a computer, he might actually faint. Given how he fangirled over meeting Barry Allen, we don’t think he’d be able to keep his cool around Felicity. And that’s just the way we like him.

Part of the fun of crossovers is watching characters freak out at meeting each other — how would you react if you saw The Flash run for the first time? (Fingers crossed Oliver and Felicity will get back together before this epic crossover and we can get some bonus jealous Oliver action!)

8 Hawkgirl & Kara Talking Aliens

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl

In the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, it was revealed that Hawkgirl’s powers originated from an alien meteorite — as did the powers of Hawkman and their immortal enemy Vandal Savage. They may be off the show for season 2 (technically), but who knows what could happen during a crossover event?

If Hawkgirl and Hawkman were to return for a crossover, it’s likely they would bond with Supergirl over their newfound alien origins. Even if Supergirl knows nothing about Hawkgirl and Hawkman’s alien genes, we're guessing there’s one or two things they have in common. Bringing Supergirl and Hawkgirl together would also bring an added girl power boost (there can never be too much girlpower).

7 Snart vs. Supergirl

Captain Cold in The Flash

Captain Cold, Leonard Snart, might have met his end in Legends of Tomorrow, but Wentworth Miller, the actor who plays him, recently signed a contract to reprise his role as a series regular over each Arrowverse show — meaning he could pop up on The Flash, Arrow, or Legends of Tomorrow.

It’s unclear exactly how he will return, but return he most certainly will, and what better opportunity than the Supergirl crossover? Snart has got to be one of the most beloved Arrowverse villains-of-the-week, and it’s only fair that Supergirl gets her shot at him, even if he is a good guy now.

6 Winn + Cisco Giving Everyone Suit Upgrades

Cisco in The Flash

Winn helped Kara come up with her suit early on in Supergirl, and we all know Cisco is the designated suit designer in The CW’s Arrowverse. Should the two ever cross paths, we’re sure they’d have a few critiques to offer one another, as well as a few tips.

Let’s face it: Winn is kind of out of his league when it comes to designing super suits, so I would expect any design collaborations between Winn and Cisco to be more of Cisco designing while Winn looks on in awe. With any hope, Cisco can teach Winn a thing or two. (Bonus points for a “No capes!” reference.)

5 Caitlyn + Cisco Wanting To (Lovingly) Examine Kara

Caitlin, Cisco and Wells in The Flash

It’s easy to forget that before Barry Allen became The Flash, Caitlyn and Cisco weren’t crime fighting rock stars, but scientists. However, both Caitlyn and Cisco have always been scientists first, vigilantes second, and as such we’re guessing that their first reaction at meeting a real life alien like Kara would be to study her, just as they did with Barry.

It would be fun to see Caitlyn and Cisco geek out over meeting an alien, even if that alien is Supergirl. It’s also likely that, as Supergirl continues, Supergirl’s biological weakness will be exploited, so anything the Flash team can learn about her, the better.

4 Iris and Jimmy Olsen Bonding

Barry and Iris in The Flash

The main attraction with these superhero crossovers is always seeing how different supers play off each other, especially in battle, but what about the human helpers? I have a sneaking suspicion that Iris and Jimmy would get along great. For one thing, they’re both journalists, and Iris, being relatively new to the profession, would probably be overjoyed at meeting an award-winning photo journalist, even if those awards were won on another Earth.

Plus, they are also probably two of only a handful of people who know what it’s like to date superheroes (by which we mean people with super powers, meta or alien, so not Oliver Queen).

3 Ray Giving Felicity, Barry and/or Cisco A Tour Of The Waverider

Felicity and Ray in Arrow

If you think that Legends of Tomorrow is going to be in a crossover with The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl without at least one person demanding a tour of the Waverider, you must be crazy. A time traveling ship doesn’t come around every day, and for scientists (and sci-fi geeks) like Felicity and Cisco, seeing the Waverider in person is an opportunity too good to pass up.

As for who on the Legends team gets to be the tour guide, we can’t imagine Felicity being too cool with putting herself in the hands of any bad guys, reformed or otherwise, and Ray seems like the obvious choice, what with his previous relationship with Felicity and his all around enthusiasm.

2 Crossover Romance

Supergirl and The Flash

It's high-time for Winn to get some non-supervillain loving, don't you think? A massive crossover event could be just what he needs to break out of his nice guy shell and engage in a little romance. Maybe Caitlin will have some interest, or Sara, if she's feeling it? Thea could also help boost his confidence, though we don't really see a deep connection there.

All we know is that Winn needs to have a romance of his own next season. Whether or not Winn is directly involved, some inter-show flirtation is a must of any major crossover event. (We also wouldn't object to some more fun Cisco/Thea banter in the future.)

1 Superhero Karaoke

Barry and Caitlin in The Flash

How does a super team celebrate after a job well done? Well, if that super team includes Glee alums Grant Gustin (Flash) and Melissa Benoist (Supergirl), then the answer is obvious: karaoke. We got a taste of Barry Allen’s singing skills last season on The Flash, but Kara has yet to show off her pipes on Supergirl, and Jeremy Jordan (Winn) is also a vet of musical theater.

We doubt that our superhero karaoke fantasy will ever be more than just fanfiction, but, you have to admit, it would be pretty awesome. (If the powers that be at The CW are reading, let the record show that we would settle for a musical episode of The Flash or Supergirl.)


What else would you like to see on a crossover episode like this? Let us know in the comments!

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