12 Things We Want To See When Supergirl Moves To The CW

Supergirl - Potential season 2 characters

If you enjoyed the first season of Supergirl, you were probably a little dismayed when the story broke that CBS might not renew it for a second season. But the big news more recently in the world of superhero TV shows is that Supergirl will be returning for a second season after all – but on The CW.

Of course, there are some conditions to this. The show will have a smaller budget, and it will lose some of the supposed prestige of airing on one of the major networks. But The CW, which is already home to multiple DC Comics-based shows and has a generally younger audience than CBS, seems to be a much better fit for the series.

With that in mind, here are 12 Things We Want To See When Supergirl Moves To The CW.

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Cat Grant Supergirl
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12 Cat Grant! Please stay!

Cat Grant Supergirl

Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) is a critically important character on the show. For the most part, she’s a champion of Supergirl, and she’s a role model for Kara, showing her how to stand up for herself and not take anyone’s crap. Plus, she’s got some great one-liners.

While much of the character drama occurs between Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and her romantic interest James Olsen (Mechad Brooks), arguably the more interesting relationship is that between Kara and Cat. Currently, it's not certain whether Flockart will return for season 2, but we definitely hope she will. Losing her would be a major blow to the series.

11 Kara, Barry, donuts and crime-fighting

Supergirl/The Flash crossover - Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin

When Kara met Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin) on the Supergirl/The Flash crossover episode, it was pretty fantastic. The two immediately connected, and they made a great crime-fighting team.

While Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) and Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) were throwing it down in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) were about to have at it in Captain America: Civil War, Kara and Barry were grabbing donuts and just generally being adorable together. They have a great dynamic and they share a sense of optimism that, in some ways, gives them a similar approach to stopping bad guys. Now that both shows are on the same network, we definitely want to see more Kara/Barry team-ups.

10 More DC crossovers

arrow the flash

Speaking of crossovers, it would be great to see Kara interact with some of the other DC characters on the CW. We’d especially like to see her make an appearance on Arrow – and vice versa. That said, with the CW’s DC universe growing, we wouldn’t want so much interaction that the uniqueness of each show gets diluted. There’s a balance that would have to be struck. So far, they’ve done a pretty good job with the Arrow/The Flash crossovers. The characters on each show are keeping tabs on one another and show up for each other when necessary, but there’s enough distance between Star City and Central City that the shows are able to stay distinct.

It might also be fun to see a little Supergirl action on Legends of Tomorrow – or even Vixen (we did, after all, get some crossover with Vixen and Arrow). In fact, there's already a four-way DC crossover planned for the CW shows next season that will include Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, and it sounds like it's going to be pretty fantastic.

9 A CW Justice League

supergirl arrow flash

So, if we do in fact get to see Kara teaming up with Barry and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), is it too much to hope that they might solidify their team to some extent and create something along the lines of a CW incarnation of the Justice League? The Red Arrow (Willa Holland) and Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee) are already there, too – would it be too much of a stretch? We don’t think so.

It would definitely add another dimension to all of the shows, and give more of an opportunity for crossovers, without the writers necessarily having to tamper with the storylines of each show too much. Maybe every so often, a threat arises that the Justice League has to come together to fight – then afterwards, they go back to dealing with the conflicts in their own shows.

8 A slight shift in tone

supergirl train

For all of these crossovers to work, the tone of the show will have to match that of the other DC shows on the CW – especially The Flash, since the two have already crossed over so successfully.

What’s great about Supergirl is its sense of optimism, and we definitely wouldn’t want that to change. We’re not saying the show would need to be as gritty as Arrow -- in fact, that would be a guaranteed way to ruin it. But Supergirl has a degree of kitsch that – although it’s actually kind of endearing – might need to be toned down just a little bit in order for the show to fit into the CW’s DC universe.

7 Address the fact that Kara’s from a different Earth

Supergirl and The Flash

In the Supergirl/The Flash episode, we learn that Kara and Barry are from different Earths, and Barry accidentally found his way to her Earth while trying to increase his speed. This makes sense, because if Supergirl existed in the same world as Barry and Oliver, we would probably have heard about her on the other shows by now.

But it’s something that will have to be dealt with if Kara is going to fully be a part of the CW’s DC universe. Since we know that Barry can jump between Earths, maybe the writers will come up with a way for Kara to do it on a more regular basis? Although there is another option…

6 a Crisis on Infinite Earths-like event

crisis on infinite earths

This would be a pretty amazing way for Supergirl to end up on the same Earth as Barry, Oliver, and the others. In the Crisis on Infinite Earths comics, the Monitor dies, which sends five parallel Earths into a limbo space. When the Anti-Monitor goes back in time to prevent the formation of the multiverse, a number of the heroes follow in an effort to stop him. The ultimate result is the creation of a single universe, and an Earth that has elements of each of the five parallel Earths. The trickiest part of this storyline is that both Supergirl and the Flash die. But if the writers found a convincing way around that, it would be pretty epic.

And in the last episode of The Flash, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) has a vision of Earth-2 “splitting in half, straight down through the poles.” Could this be foreshadowing an Infinite Crisis-like storyline in the next season? Of course, it’s not likely that the writers of The Flash were factoring in a storyline that would include Supergirl, since the latter’s move to the CW was so recently announced. Still, if they’re going in that direction, maybe Supergirl could be worked in, too.

5 Longer seasons

Supergirl smiling

This one is pretty close to a sure thing. On CBS, Supergirl’s first season was 20 episodes. It looks like a 22-episode season was ordered by the CW, and Arrow and The Flash both have had 24, so there might be a couple more tacked on at some point.

Granted, it’s not significantly longer, but it would be nice to see a few more episodes – you really can’t have too much Supergirl. And if Supergirl is going to be a part of the CW’s DC universe in a significant way, it’ll be beneficial for the show to have the same number of episodes as the others, in order to fully flesh out both crossover storylines and its own distinct plotlines.

4 What’s up with Jeremiah Danvers?

Jeremiah Danvers

So we found out that Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain), Alex’s (Chyler Leigh) dad and Kara’s adoptive father, is not dead like everyone thought, but is being held at Project Cadmus. From descriptions of it, Project Cadmus sounds like a pretty awful place.

It’s a government-run operation where all kinds of terrible, mad scientist stuff is going on. So whatever has happened to Jeremiah, it can’t be good. With Alex determined to save her dad, it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ll get to see him at some point. The real question is, what has Cadmus done to him, and what will that mean for the show? Is he going to be on the side of Kara and Alex, or will he be a threat to them in some way? We’re eager to see this answered in season 2.

3 Who’s in the mysterious pod?

supergirl kryptonian pod

In the season 1 finale, Kara and the others discover a Kryptonian pod that’s like the one she arrived on Earth in. So the big question is: who’s in it? The favorite fan theory seems to be that it’s Superboy. In the comics, after Superman dies at the hands of Doomsday, Project Cadmus wants to create a Superman of its own. So they create Superboy, a human clone with some of Superman’s powers.

Since Project Cadmus is now in play on the show, this seems like a logical conclusion. Other possibilities that have been talked about include Powergirl, Kara’s biological father Zor-El, and even Zod. We’re looking forward to seeing what happens with this in the next season.

2 What will the Omegahedron be used for?

supergirl max lord omegahedron

You’ve probably heard the adage that if a gun is introduced in a movie, it will be fired at some point (also known as "Chekhov's gun"). If it’s not, it’s kind of sloppy writing.

The same is true with the Omegahedron. It’s the device that Non (Chris Vance) uses to reconstitute Indigo’s (Laura Vandervoort) body. It’s also used to power Myriad and Fort Rozz. It’s a Kryptonian device that made its first appearance in the 1984 Supergirl movie where, along with the Aplhahedron, it supplied unlimited power to Argo City, Supergirl’s home city on Krypton. So it’s pretty powerful, and it’s currently in the possession of Max Lord – and we know he’s not just going to let it sit around. We’re definitely excited to see what he decides to do with it.

1 Lynda Carter as president

lynda carter wonder woman

It was announced back in March that Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame would be playing the president in Supergirl’s season 2. Of course, that was before we knew that the show would be moving to the CW. We really hope the move doesn’t alter the show’s plans for Carter.

It would me amazing to see her alongside Melissa Benoist. And we would love for her to have a significant role during the season, too – not just a brief cameo here and there. Lynda Carter is awesome, and iconic, in the world of superhero shows and movies. We hope the show makes the most of her talent.


What else do you want to see in the second season of Supergirl? Let us know in the comments!

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