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Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon 4 Car Chase

Lethal Weapon is an action movie about cops. We would like for the show to maintain that same momentum. We're realistic, we understand the limits of a television budget; we don't expect action setpieces on par with Lethal Weapon 4's unparalleled freeway car chase or the original's

desert showdown, but we want to see an effort made to keep the show kinetic and fast-paced in an old-fashioned, action/adventure kind of way.

The first trailer for the show, released during Fox's upfront presentation last week, showcased a handful of impressive action sequences, including Riggs riding on the outside of a car before jumping to another vehicle and disabling it. If the show can keep delivering exciting action beats like this week after week, viewers will stick around to see what's next. It's a tough status quo to maintain, but if Fox has the audacity to adapt Lethal Weapon to begin with, then they'd better have the fortitude to follow-through and make sure it's everything the fans expect it to be.

Mel Gibson as Riggs Lethal Weapon
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