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Mel Gibson as Riggs Lethal Weapon

In the movies, Riggs and Murtaugh are both veterans of the Vietnam War. This being 2016, we don't expect that particular misadventure to play a part in the story, but we feel it's important for our leads to have a similar kind of "edge" to them. Riggs,

in particular, begins the first film in a very dark and desolate place, and nearly commits suicide, in private and in public, multiple times. Having lost his wife in a tragic accident (or was it?), Riggs sees himself as a man with nothing to lose, and he is eventually adopted by Murtaugh's family and given a reason to live again, slowly putting his life back together over the course of the series. It's not entirely dissimilar to an R-rated version of Diff'rent Strokes.

This arc for Riggs could be great material for a television series, but only if the TV version of the character, played by Clayne Crawford (Graceland, Justified), begins in the same broken state as Mel Gibson did in the original. Another thing we're skeptical of is Damon Wayans Sr.'s chops as a dramatic actor. He's had his fair share of beefy roles, such as in The Last Boy Scout (written by Shane Black, the creator of Lethal Weapon), but it will take a scene of Murtaugh talking Riggs down from one of his psychopathic suicidal rages to convince us that Crawford and Wayans can be even a fraction as memorable as Gibson and Glover in the original.

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