15 Things We Need To See In Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman With Shield

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article stated that the soldiers that the titular heroine faces off against in the trailer were Nazis, a mistake that has since been corrected.

Woman Woman has arrived. For the first time in a long time, fans are unified over the trailer for the latest movie in the DC Extended Universe. Though we got a taste of the character in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman made quite the impression at Comic Con San Diego. In addition to the action-packed scenes and unique setting, director Patty Jenkins' movie appears to be a proper origin story for the Amazon warrior.

Not only will we be meeting Steve Trevor, we'll get to see Diana Prince on Themyscira with Queen Hippolyta and the rest of the Amazons. Though we'll have to wait a full year to see it, Wonder Woman could very well be one of the best movies in the DC franchise. In the meantime, we have a fast growing wish-list for the movie.

Here are the 15 Things We Want to See in Wonder Woman:

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Wonder Woman in WW1
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15 All Out World War I

Wonder Woman in WW1

Though one of the most storied chapters in human history, World War I has largely been forgotten on the big screen. From 1914 to 1918, the belligerent nations tallied over 38 million military and civilian casualties. By using the international conflict as the backdrop for Wonder Woman, Diana Prince will encounter the worst sides of human nature just as civilization realizes its own devastating powers. With the advent of the machine gun and the first major air-to-air battles, World War I was the first time mankind realized its potential to self-destruct. Wonder Woman presents a rare opportunity to explore the devastating realities of trench warfare, gas attacks and automatic guns, all while lifting up the importance of its eponymous hero.

As the latest trailer revealed, we'll get a bird's eye view of mortar fire, hand-t0-hand combat, and aerial attacks with Steve Trevor in the cockpit. Here's to hoping director Patty Jenkins fully commits to the setting.

14 A Feminist Hero

Diana Prince in Wonder Woman Trailer

Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston, the psychologist who recognized a deficit in capable female superheroes. As he described the state of cultural affairs in 1943, "Women's strong qualities have become despised because of their weakness. The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman." Unfortunately, Marston still aimed to create a "submissivecharacter, but he laid the groundwork for what Wonder Woman has since become.

Today, Gal Gadot could hardly encapsulate the character with more confidence. Her Diana Prince looks to be a wondrous contradiction: strong but peaceful, powerful yet just. When she tells Steve Trevor, "What I do is not up to you," she manages to toe the line firmly, but with grace. Of course, Gadot's Wonder Woman is also undeniably attractive, a quality to be appreciated by men and women. Director Patty Jenkins admits to her take on the character as "total wish-fufillment...[Wonder Woman] makes them feel like the hero they want to be. And my hero, in my head, has really long legs. "

13 Establishing Diana's Mythology

Diana Prince on Paradise Island

Everyone loves a good origin story, and when it comes to superheroes, Wonder Woman's is about as impressive as they come. From everything the latest trailer showed, Diana Prince's mythology will finally receive the royal treatment. When Steve Trevor asks Diana about her heritage, she claims, "I had no father. I was brought to life by Zeus." His stunned reaction speaks for us all, as Wonder Woman will clearly stake a claim on the character's complicated (and over seventy-year long) history.

The largest faction of Wonder Woman fans hold to the original mythology that Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, molded her into existence from clay. As for Diana's numerous powers, Hippolyta made sure the Greek gods each gave her daughter something special on her birthday. Though the New 52 retconned these origins and made Diana the demigod daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, it remains to be seen how Wonder Woman will frame its heroine's rich history. Given Superman's otherworldly origins, however, does it seem at all likely that Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. would allow their central female hero to be the offspring of clay? We think not.

12 A Vibrant Color Palette

If Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was a color-palette funeral, Wonder Woman looks to be the resurrection. Gone are the somber tones and apocalyptic flourishes of Zack Snyder's superhero epic. Indeed, the very first frame of the Comic Con trailer starts on an idyllic beach where blue skies and even bluer water frame the Paradise Islands. Complaints of Superman's bleak suit will surely be allayed by Wonder Woman's vibrant, yet battle-scarred armor.

Her revealing and regal suit reflects light in ways the overall tone of the film seems to affirm. Wonder Woman didn't suffer through the death of her parents, as Batman and Superman have done, so it makes sense that the trailer has brightened the color spectrum to match the relative innocence and optimism of Diana Prince. As she leaves Themyscira and encounters the cold realities of western civilization, however, she will undoubtedly experience a hardening to match the Wonder Woman we met in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Perhaps the aesthetic tone of the film will alter as its heroine evolves.

11 Lots of Lasso

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Lasso of Truth

If done incorrectly, The Lasso of Truth could be the bane of Wonder Woman. Indiana Jones' whip will never come under this kind of scrutiny, but as the most famous weapon in Wonder Woman's cache, Patty Jenkins and her team had to nail it. From the two seconds we saw in the trailer, it looks like they did their job. Though an early shot of Wonder Woman saw the lasso holstered on her hip, we got to see her take down a few German soldiers with its unstoppable powers.

Through his study of emotions, creator William Moulton Marston made the lasso not only to be a weapon, but a symbol of Wonder Woman's ability to harness truth and justice for her enemies. It will be exciting to see how the film adapts the moral roots inherent in Wonder Woman's lasso. Let's just hope we see this god-like whip in action along with the epic war cry we heard in BvS.

10 Wonder Weapons

Diana Prince Leaving Paradise Island

The weapons cache of Wonder Woman makes Bruce Wayne look unprepared. For all of the toys owned by the world's greatest detective, you'd think he'd have made explosive cuff links by now. In addition to her glowing lasso, Wonder Woman has grenade earrings (that also allow her to hear in space), a royal (and deadly) tiara that hits hard and returns like a boomerang, and unbreakable bracelets that when removed, cause Wonder Woman to lose her cool and go berserk. Whether or not the film will explore this emotionally-charged jewelry remains to be seen, but it could definitely make for some compelling moments.

We also have a contender for the strongest shield in the superhero world, one that even rivals Captain America's. As Wonder Woman uses her shield to deflect mortars and slide across rooms, she takes the prize for most creative approach to combat. Finally, while we won't be seeing Wonder Woman's invisible plane in the standalone film, we can hope to see her wearing the Sandals of Hermes that help her take flight.

9 A Rebuttal to Batman v Superman

Gal Gadot talks Wonder Woman director

Time may never bridge the critical divide of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Wonder Woman has an opportunity to help. In a nutshell, BvS was a smashmouth duel between the two titans of the DC Extended Universe. Directly following the events in Man of Steel, it centered on Superman's besmirched reputation and Batman's misplaced desire for revenge. The results were utterly destructive, like a miniature world war that saw the most two powerful nations in the world go head to head. The guys fought it out until they realized they had more in common than they first cared to admit.

Enter Wonder Womanthe paragon of justice and peace. Given her powers, she basically has the nuclear launch codes in the palm of her hand, but she knows better than to pull the trigger. She comes from an exclusively female utopia free from the industry and war that dominate the world of man. Even in BvS, the few scenes with Diana Prince show that she's as much of a thinker and diplomat as a fighter. Wonder Woman may offer valuable contrast to BvS and prove that the real dawn of justice began with her.

8 A Memorable Soundtrack

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Logo

More than a few fans have derided the electric guitar shredding in Wonder Woman, but in a superhero soundtrack world dominated by drums, it's a welcome change of pace. While we first heard the theme song after Wonder Woman saved Batman in a moment of need during Batman v Superman, the Comic Con trailer used the guitar riff to close out on a high note. Composer Hans Zimmer said goodbye to the superhero world after BvS, but Junkie XL said an emphatic hello. While Zack Snyder's title fight almost blew out a few eardrums with its ceaselessly loud cacophony of sound, Wonder Woman will hopefully strike a better balance.

Though Junkie XL's theme will likely carry over into the theatrical release of the movie, it remains to be seen who will compose the rest of the soundtrack. As that information becomes available, let's hope Warner Bros. selects a composer with enough range to establish the emotional core of the story in addition to the action sequences.

7 A Beacon of Peace

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Diana

Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder. There's a reason the poster has "grace" directly following "power." After all, Wonder Woman is the furthest thing from a totalitarian leader. To both her credit and potential detriment, she is compassionate, peaceful, and just. While Wonder Woman certainly won't make its eponymous hero a reluctant warrior, it may feature a central character of the "with great power comes great responsibility" order. Wonder Woman has her own checks and balances. As her mother warns, "be careful, Diana. They do not deserve you." The harshness of the Queen's opening pronoun, "they," etches a stark contrast between the ways of the outside world and the nature of her benevolent daughter.

Audiences are starved for someone to admire, just as they were for Christopher Reeve's Superman in post-Vietnam 1978. Expect Wonder Woman to tap into its central character's naturally imbued optimism and goodness as Warner Bros. forges a new hero for a new generation.

6 The Amazons in Action

Robin Wright as General Antiope

Human soldiers are no match for the Amazons, especially on the enemy turf of Themyscira. Thanks to the action-packed Comic Con trailer, we know the Amazons will be heavily featured in the film. While Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) holds the power over her people, it appears Robin Wright's General Antiope is a true force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. In the brief shots of the beachhead action scene (which are reminiscent of Wolfgang Petersen's Troy), Antiope slays a soldier and flies into combat, raining down on enemies with her bow and arrow.

Not only will it be a blast to watch Claire Underwood become a warrior, but getting some exposure to the Amazon culture and their style of fighting will be key to understanding Diana Prince. As for other members of the tribe, like Orana (Mayling Ng), Euboea (Samantha Jo), and Melanippe (Lisa Loven Kongsli), Wonder Woman is primed to establish the full political and social world of Paradise Island.

5 Steve Trevor, Damsel in Distress

Steve Trevor on Paradise Island

Though it's Gal Gadot's movie, Wonder Woman featured an abundance of close-ups for Star Trek alum Chris Pine. Though many have joked that Captain Kirk arrived on the Themyscira beach, it's clear Steve Trevor will be a big part of the movie. And it should be, considering Trevor's story has long been a part of Diana Prince's life in the world of man. As the trailer suggests, however, this won't be your average love story, and Wonder Woman won't be needing emergency assistance from her lover.

Instead, Wonder Woman looks to invert the Disney-popularized trope of the damsel in distress by making Steve Trevor the more vulnerable of the two. Sure, we see him crank out a few shots on a pump-action shotgun, fly around on an early-model airplane, and tell Diana Prince, "I can't let you do this." We respect him for trying, but if Wonder Woman extends its promises in the trailer, expect Steve Trevor to be greatly reliant on his girlfriend. While it's unlikely Wonder Woman catch him falling from a building, as Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman have all done for their significant others, we won't bet against it.

4 Hades and Zeus

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Sword Blue Dress

If Wonder Woman reestablishes the canon and nominates Zeus as her father, the implications will be huge. By making the king of the gods the patriarch in Diana Prince's life, Wonder Woman will open the floodgates to the whole pantheon of Greek deities. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and for every Zeus, there is a Hades. As gods of their respective domains, one on Olympus, the other the Underworld, Zeus and Hades have a long history of animosity. Though it may seem a bit ridiculous to have a melee of Greek gods in the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman may benefit from a small sampling of one of the oldest mythologies in existence.

We have some theories about the baddie Wonder Woman might fight in the movie (more on that in a second), but know that introducing Diana, the Amazons, and Hippolyta could be the tip of the iceberg for the Greek gods to come.

3 Isolation from Justice League

First Justice League (2017) movie image

Man of Steel reintroduced Superman, but it was a piece of a larger puzzle. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice amalgamated the two most famous superheroes for the first time on the big screen, but even that wasn't the ultimate goal. Justice League is the Warner Bros. endgame, and though Wonder Woman will be the final major piece to set Zack Snyder's movie into action, we hope Patty Jenkins' film will slowly go towards the light. As with Rogue One: A Star Wars Storywe want to see a world and a story in  the universe we already love, but we also want to start fresh.

Given that we've already seen three fifths of the Justice League assembled in BvS, Wonder Woman should confidently play its own game and use every second of celluloid to build up Diana Prince. Batman and Superman are known quantities, and while cameos that are nods to the future may be welcome Easter eggs, let's hope Wonder Woman adheres to its unique World War I setting and the consequences at hand.

2 Etta Candy Unleashed

Etta Candy in Wonder Woman

Though the Wonder Woman trailer obliterated any doubts about Gal Gadot's take on the character, Warner Bros. cheekily ended the clip with a small dose of humor. Etta Candy brings the sugar to a somewhat sour universe. In light of the many criticisms against BvS, this lighthearted closing scene was a smart play. While she serves as Steve Trevor's assistant in the film, Etta has a long and storied history as the gutsy sidekick of Wonder Woman herself. She and Diana may look nothing alike, but Etta Candy's chutzpah is on a whole other level. Actress Lucy Davis seems perfect for the role and quickly embraces Diana's quip on her administrative role ("where we come from, that's called slavery"), then proudly walks off with her new best friend, saying, "I really like her... I do, I like her." This might be a vexation Steve Trevor, but it'll be a delight for audiences.

1 A Worthy Villain

Danny Huston in Wonder Woman

Hippolyta's warning to Diana was conveniently timed to the reveal of Danny Huston's unnamed character. For anyone familiar with the actor's body of work, it's a rarity if he plays anyone other than a villain. Though the identity of his character is unknown, and he may certainly not be a baddie, odds are he's more than just your usual run of the mill general. Could he be Ares, the god of war in disguise? That may be a stretch, and it may make more sense if he is a mercenary sent on behalf of the bellicose deity. Indeed, Ares has been public enemy number one for Wonder Woman since the 1942 issue of the comics, so it shouldn't come as a surprise if he emerges in the movie. Though the German Empire presents enough of a danger already, Diana Prince deserves to fight a challenger worthy of her status.

Either way, Wonder Woman appears to have all of the ingredients in place for a proper blockbuster hit. If the villain is half as compelling as our protagonist, then audiences will be in for a treat.


What do you want to see most in Wonder Woman? Tell us in the comments below!

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