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Fans of Alias already know that Patsy Walker and Jessica Jones have never really crossed paths on the page. In fact, in the books, it is Carol Danvers, AKA Ms. Marvel, whom Jones has a frenemy-ship with. Since a Captain Marvel film is

in the works for 2019, the show runners opted to instead use Patsy Walker for the role of Jones' best friend. Walker, of course, is also none other than Hellcat, who has her own comic. Fans expressed excitement over Jones appearing in issue 7 of Hellcat this year and hope that Rosenberg and co. decide to return the favor by making Walker into Hellcat on screen.

Once Walker took the same serum that Will Simpson did in order to become an adaptation of the villain Nuke, she demonstrated just how capable she could be as a superhero, but even long before that she possessed the will, strength of character and especially dedication to the job that she will need in order to become Hellcat. Even if Walker's transformation does not occur next season, she remains the best supporting actress of the series, outperforming even Foggy Nelson of Netflix's Daredevil as best sidekick. Rachael Taylor has expressed keen interest in the character's development, but so far there is no word on whether or not it can be expected in the next season.

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