15 Things We Want to See in Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones on Netflix

The first season of Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix was a surprise hit for many viewers, but fans familiar with her from the Alias comics smiled and nodded as they inhaled the series in a single weekend of streaming. They were not only pleased to watch Krysten Ritter's portrayal of a harsher, tougher Jones, but to also see her story fully fleshed out in a way that remained loyal to the books while adding more depth to her story. The glazed-eyed Jones with purple hair who helplessly followed Kilgrave's orders became much more realistic and compelling when Ritter's reluctance and panic shone through her eyes as she carried out his commands.

Season two of Jessica Jones is scheduled to film side-by-side with The Defenders, which will also feature Jones, and plenty of Jessica's story still remains to be told. Most of what Melissa Rosenberg used in season one was pulled from Alias issues #22, The Secret Origins of Jessica Jones, through #28, Purple Part 5. Between issues #1-21, Jones' career as a Defender and her personal life, there are so many expectations for the second season that it's difficult to choose which ones should be priority, but here are 15 things we want to see in Jessica Jones season 2.

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Trish Walker
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15 More Patsy Walker

Trish Walker

Fans of Alias already know that Patsy Walker and Jessica Jones have never really crossed paths on the page. In fact, in the books, it is Carol Danvers, AKA Ms. Marvel, whom Jones has a frenemy-ship with. Since a Captain Marvel film is in the works for 2019, the show runners opted to instead use Patsy Walker for the role of Jones' best friend. Walker, of course, is also none other than Hellcat, who has her own comic. Fans expressed excitement over Jones appearing in issue 7 of Hellcat this year and hope that Rosenberg and co. decide to return the favor by making Walker into Hellcat on screen.

Once Walker took the same serum that Will Simpson did in order to become an adaptation of the villain Nuke, she demonstrated just how capable she could be as a superhero, but even long before that she possessed the will, strength of character and especially dedication to the job that she will need in order to become Hellcat. Even if Walker's transformation does not occur next season, she remains the best supporting actress of the series, outperforming even Foggy Nelson of Netflix's Daredevil as best sidekick. Rachael Taylor has expressed keen interest in the character's development, but so far there is no word on whether or not it can be expected in the next season.

14 More MCU Crossovers

Crossovers Jessica Jones

At this point, fans of both Marvel comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe are well aware of the franchise's reluctance to cast cameos of "big screen" characters into the TV series. Viewers waited with bated breath to catch a glimpse of Thor or Iron Man while watching Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and despite the natural spots in the show where either would have been appropriate, that never happened. Even so, there was a very small cameo with Nick Fury, so the possibility of a crossover should not be ruled out.In fact, a crossover would be even more appropriate given that Jones will be portrayed as a member of The Defenders shortly. With that in mind, crossovers have already occurred in her series, including a mention on Daredevil and Luke Cage's presence in her life. Since the latest news indicates that Jessica Jones season 2 and The Defenders will shoot back-to-back, it makes sense that the series will blend into each other for continuity purposes alone. In September, fans will get to see Luke Cage's spinoff, and Netflix is aiming for a 2017 run of Iron Fist. It would make sense to include any of these characters in season two, but it would be a good idea to look for a cameo of Jones in any of them as well.

13 Mutant Cases

Jessica Jones Mutant Cases

During her work as a private investigator in the books, Jones is known for working on mutant cases. In the show, the audience witnessed her catching cheating spouses for the majority of her bread and butter. As amusing as it is to see her smash an angry husband through a window, which also occurs in the comics but for different reasons, it would also be enjoyable to see Jones find missing mutants, discover whether or not people are mutants for their worried spouses and work other mutant-related cases. It would be a logical place to insert crossover characters here, since some cases involved other superheroes, such as Captain America and Rick Jones.

Issues #11 through 15 in the Alias series, Coming Home, deal with prejudice against mutants. Even though Jones has already worked a kidnapping case that ended in disaster, the story could still be worked into the show. Ritter would fiercely take on the small town's prejudices, giving the angry accusations of comic-Jones an even edgier tone. It would not be a surprise to see the Netflix version of Jones going head to head with any of the bigots in town, perhaps even throwing a punch.

12 After-Effects of Kilgrave

Jessica Jones After Effects Kilgrave

As much time in season 1 was dedicated to Jones' flashbacks regarding Kilgrave, her coping mechanisms and especially defeating him after he attempted to destroy her life yet again, there is bound to be at least some coverage of his after-effects in her life. In fact, one worry that some fans expressed after watching season 1 was that the writers went too far too fast, since Jones does not defeat Kilgrave until the end of Alias. His defeat helps her transition from the dark, self-destructive character we know from issue #1, paving the way for her to become a Defender, wife and mother and more pleasant times ahead.

Even though Jessica Jones went straight to the Purple Man for their main villain, there is still plenty of room for Jones to continue her destructive patterns before she gets her act together, and dealing with what happened with Kilgrave is one way to help develop her character through the transition. There may be legal ramifications following his death, which would open a natural cameo spot for Matt Murdock. Jones may find herself requiring a new coping mechanism since Kilgrave took the safety she associated with her first home away from her. After taking his life and seeing how she dealt with the last murder she committed under his control, she will also have to psychologically come to terms with the experience. However his presence is used, the audience will need that darkness to stay in the show because after one season, no one is ready for sober, got-it-together Jones just yet. Ritter makes the drinking and the temper too much fun to watch.

11 Bring Back Kilgrave

Jessica Jones Bring Back Kilgrave

Viewers of any comic adaptation already know that no character is written off as dead forever. Writers proudly display their artistic licenses when bringing anyone and everyone back from the dead. Writers of the show are insisting that Kilgrave is indeed dead, but that what happened with him in season 1 will still have some bearing on the next season in terms of what Jones has to deal with in her life. Even in his death, he is the kind of villain who still continues to make an impact.

As much as the audience loved Tennant, bringing him back onto the show in another way would keep his fascinating character alive. The team could do this through flashbacks, PTSD sequences or even hallucinations that Jones may have while dealing with his death. Although there are plenty of other villains who could be used in the show and Ritter keeps it compelling, it is difficult to imagine another villain as dastardly as Kilgrave. Keeping bits and pieces of him in the show will keep the audience on their toes.

10 More Malcolm

Jessica Jones Malcom

TV-Malcolm had a much more interesting arc than Alias-Malcolm did. Fans of the comic already know that he was a teenager with the hots for Jessica, hanging around her with the hopes of making their non-relationship into something much more. His presence was little more than an annoyance, if that. Netflix developed him into a much richer character whose drug addiction was fueled by Kilgrave, who supplied him in order to keep tabs on Jessica. Once Jones put a stop to that, he quickly became an ally to her, finely walking a tight line between trying to be a hero and not wanting to trip into the pit that Jones herself had long since fallen into long ago.

In the finale of the first season, Malcolm answers Jones' phone, insinuating that they are now a team. Whether or not this is true, seeing Malcolm as a regular character in any capacity would help provide the show with balance. Jones provides the darkness and Walker provides the fierce light, but Malcolm is in between, demonstrating the power of the average person to do something good while still coming to terms about whether or not it is worth it in the end.

9 Ant-Man

Ant Man

As much as fans may want Jones to stick it out with Luke Cage, they should be aware that Scott Lang, one version of Ant Man, is her love interest in between her times with Cage in the Alias comics. After the painful and complicated relationship that Jones and Cage endured during the first season, they will need a break before they can repair what they started in the beginning. Lang will provide her with the rebound she needs to continue to develop as a character, assess her own needs and ultimately decide what she truly wants.

Krystin Ritter will give Lang a much harder time than Jones did in Alias. Ritter made tough but awkward Jones into a tougher, no-nonsense character, so if Lang exhibits any sexism or lack of empathy for the heroine as he does in the comics, she isn't as likely to be so easy on his feelings. There is also the added bonus of the audience not caring about him too much when she finally does break his heart.

8 More Private Eye Tricks

Jessica Jones Tricks

As drunk and depressed as Ritter's Jones could be, she still managed to seem like a more adept detective than the sometimes clumsy Jones of the comic. One big action that subtly differentiates between the two is the sneakiness of TV-Jones. Comic-Jones was a much more straightforward detective, admitting that much of what she does is simply look up information for pay. Some of the best moments of the show, however, occur when Jones pulls strings or tricks people into giving her information.

Whether she dug through garbage or charmed a contact on the phone while trolling her Facebook page (in the bathroom, no less), the funniest parts of the show shone not only through Ritter's antics, but her eye-rolling, self-deprecating reaction that followed each trick. Season 2 of the show should include more of these moments to demonstrate not only Jones' skills as a detective but also her humor, however dark it may be.

7 A Baby Reference

Jessica Jones Baby

No one is calling for Jones to get knocked up during season 2. It would make sense for her to be pregnant after one-night stand with Cage since that would be canon, but since the show went backwards in some ways it no longer works for the character. Instead, the audience needs to see some kind of baby reference that shows Jones being open to having a family. Season 1 Jones was harder than Alias Jones in many ways and viewers may not buy that she will be a mom someday, let alone that she "very, very much" wants to be one.

Whether it's in a case she is working or when she is just passing by a family on screen, there should be a baby reference to foreshadow that part of her life with Cage sometime in the future. Once Jones does become a mother, she considers that her primary role, ultimately leaving the Defenders in order to be a full-time mom while Cage stays active in both their marriage as well as the team. This reference should be reflective of that in a subtle way, not simply Jones shrugging and muttering, "Meh. Kids. Someday."

6 The Trademark Jones Stare

Jessica Jones Stare

Jones is known for being a swearing, drinking, smoking, hardened detective, but she is also known for a certain look. In many panels, she gives her clients her trademark, unimpressed stare as soon as they start talking. One of the most enjoyable parts of reading the book is watching clients stumble over themselves in front of her, often revealing information that she needs in order to solve a case. All Jones has to do is sit back and turn her eyes on them as they slowly crumble and reveal to her their entire life stories at her feet. It is often in these moments when she makes a decision about whether or not to take a case as well, if she believes the client is lying or not.

In the next season, there should be at least one client who calmly enters the Alias office as a smooth talker to only to end up stammering and sweating under Jones' well-known glare, possibly while she smokes a cigarette.

5 Friendship with Luke Cage

Mike Colter is Luke Cage

It has already been revealed that Jones and Cage will not become an item during season 1 of Luke Cage. Cage, a "hero for hire," does not stay locked into Hell's Kitchen. Producers say that the show will largely take place in Harlem. Although Jones may not be scheduled to appear in the first season of Luke Cage, season 2 occurs after Cage's first season, giving their characters time to reflect and a friendship to begin. While they should not become an item this early in the show, they are together by the time the Defenders form so it makes sense to plant those seeds now.

In the comics, after Jones sees Cage sleeping with another woman she becomes jealous, although they had only engaged in a one-night stand. She comes to his home drunk, breaks things and sleeps in his bed. She drives him crazy, but she also grows on him. After some time working together, they develop feelings for one another, which should occur during season 2 as well.

4 More Female Friendship Development

Jessica and Patsy

One of the most refreshing things about season 1 of Jessica Jones was the engaging female friendships in the show. Most of this occurred between Jones and Walker, but there was even some development with Jeri Hogarth, the callous lawyer who receives a wake-up call from Kilgrave. Given that most superhero movies limit females to one or two members of the cast, most viewers were thrilled with the dynamic created between Jones' tough doldrums and Walker's energetic enthusiasm. They made a strong team on screen, watching each other's backs and growing as heroes together. Many viewers considered it a better relationship than the passive aggressive one between Carol Danvers and Jones in Alias.

Another relationship that existed in Alias was a friendship between Jones and Jessica Drew, the original Spider-Woman. Drew was originally considered for a Netflix show but the team ultimately went with Jones. An arc about their friendship, which started rather violently, would be an interesting addition to the show.

3 References to Work with the Avengers


An absent story line from season 1 was Jones' work with and recruitment by S.H.I.E.L.D. After completing a large, discreet favor for Captain America, she was invited to work for the Avengers, an invitation that she turned down due to her previous dubious superhero work. Even so, she called in favors from the team, dated a member of the Avengers and involved them in the Kilgrave's take-down. While some of this cannot be included in the show due to Kilgrave's death, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s "spying" on her when she made phone calls or visited the mansion provided great humor in the Alias series.

Even if the producers are unable to include any of the Avengers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, references to her work with the team should still be included as a part of her story. This holds especially true if her relationship with Ant Man is used in season 2.

2 Work with Matt Murdock


A key part of the Alias series was Jones' work with Matt Murdock. Not only did the attorney get her out of trouble during a case, but he also hired both Jones and Luke Cage to work as his bodyguards when the police revealed that he was Daredevil to the press. As Murdock denied the "rumor," Jones and Cage were mainly a front to help maintain the idea that he needed protection when he obviously needed none. In fact, there were times when Murdock left the office to fight crime as Daredevil while the two unknowingly stayed behind, guarding the door to his empty office.

Including Daredevil in season 2 connects the timeline between the Defenders' stories, making it an important addition to the second season. It is also a logical place to build her friendship with Cage as they repair the damage from season 1 together and rebuild their relationship. Some great conversations between the two of them took place at Murdock's office.

1 A New Villain That Lives Up to Kilgrave

Will Simpson AKA Nuke

Now that Kilgrave is gone, season 2 will need a compelling villain to live up to the standard that David Tennant set in the first season. There are plenty of villains to choose from in both the Alias and Defenders lineup. Man Mountain Marko plays a small part in Alias, but Jones dispatches him so quickly that if included, he might as well be for comic relief or a brief nod to the fans paying attention. J. Jonah Jameson would be a great antagonist for season 2. In Alias, he threatens Jones when he finds her searching for his adopted daughter, a mutant that she saves alongside the original Spider-Woman. Fans will love how Jones takes him down when he demands that she uncover the true identity of Spider-Man. While the arc would have lots of great fighting scenes, conflict and character development, it would not be the villain to live up to Kilgrave.

Bringing the adapted version of Nuke back as a villain makes the most sense. After being beaten to a pulp by Jones and Walker, Will Simpson was dragged away while remaining unconscious by IGH and no one has heard from him since. In addition to Simpson, there are several other villains Jones has faced, including Typhoid Mary and Stilt-Man.

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