10 Things We Want To See In Teen Titans Go VS Teen Titans

The announcement of Teen Titans Go! VS Teen Titans shook Titans fans to the core when the trailer was revealed. While Teen Titans Go! is a much more comedic and kid-friendly version of the original, fans of the series have been begging for a return of the old series since its cancellation following season five. With the original Titans coming back for the crossover, today we’ll be taking a look at ten things we want to see in Teen Titans Go! VS Teen Titans. Let’s get into it.

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10 Reference To The Go To The Movies Tease

When Teen Titans Go! To The Movies was released to theaters, the actual movie itself was eclipsed by its post-credit scene. In it, the original Titans are in Titans Tower, and are trying to broadcast to somebody, letting them know that they are still here. While this could just be a little play on the fact that the creators know we want to see the original again, it could have something to do with the film plot-wise, which would be cool to see explored in this crossover.

9 An Explanation For Where The Titans Have Been

Teen Titans

If the tease was a plot element, then we need to see where exactly the Titans have been since the end of season five. There clearly seems to be some sort of passage of time that has taken place (obviously not 13 years or anything… not bitter at all), so an explanation as to where they’ve been and why they abandoned us for so long would be nice. We’re very glad you’re home, but we want answers.

8 A Season Six Confirmation

As every Teen Titans fan has been viciously screaming for since the introduction of this movie’s trailer, a season six confirmation for the original Titans would be a nice surprise. While producers of the movie have previously said that strong sales would help make a revival of the original show happen, come on. Obviously, people want the original back. We need answers. Red X? Terra? Did a certain someone writing an article right now sob when the final episode aired? Does he desperately want answers to burning questions we still have? I don’t know maybe...

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7 Or Another Crossover

Teen Titans Go To The Movies Film Premiere Scene

Alright, so if we don’t get a season six confirmation in the movie, at least let us have another crossover. While it isn’t the ideal way to keep getting more of our original Titans, we’ll take whatever we can get at this point. The idiot children can keep getting their Go! series and us original fans will take whatever scraps you want to give us if we can’t have a season six. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

6 The Titans Winning

While the film’s trailer seems to indicate that the two teams won’t actually be facing off in any real way (Batman V Superman is that you?), if they do have some sort of battle, let’s see the original Titans win. The Go! squad has had the limelight for years now, so let’s give the originals a little something to brag about before the VS concept is completely abandoned and they start working together.

5 Great Interaction Between The Teams

Both Robins look on in Teen Titans GO! Vs. Teen Titans

Both Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! are known for their humor, and there are obviously some great jokes to be made with the teams meeting for the first time. Let’s hope that this movie doesn’t fall flat, and uses its scenario to craft some great moments between the two teams. The trailer showcases this a bit already, with the two Robins seemingly being at odds the entire film. Go! Starfire indicating that the original Robin is so handsome is also very accurate, Robin is literally childhood crush central.

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4 An Action-Packed Adventure

While no one could say what happens in an episode of Teen Titans Go! because no one watches it, most episodes of the original Teen Titans always had a few great action sequences throughout its runtime. Hopefully, this crossover does the same and provides us with a ton of great action scenes. A big old fight against Trigon(s) should do the trick!

3 A Delve Into The Multiverse

If you take a very close look at the end of the trailer, you can see what seems to be every incarnation of the Titans together, and not necessarily just animated ones. Even the original comic forms of the Titans seem to be there, which has huge implications for what this film will actually be. A huge crossover of every form of the Teen Titans is super exciting and could mean that just about anything can happen after the release of this movie, which is incredibly exciting. This just might be DC’s answer to Into the Spiderverse.

2 DCAU Crossover

If we’re already going to be doing a crossover, hopefully we get to see the DCAU’s take on the Titans. Featured in Justice League vs. Teen Titans (lots of fighting happening huh?) and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, this version of the Titans is currently the only other animated form that we’ve seen them in. With so many different Titans appearing, these ones will likely be along for the ride, angsty little Robin and all.

1 A Great Movie

All in all, we really just want to see a great Teen Titans movie. The fact that we’re finally getting these characters back after so much time just goes to show how strong the fanbase for this show really is. The Teen Titans show hasn’t been around since 2006, so the fact that it is coming back, even if only for this movie, is huge. While we can hope that a revival is around the corner for the series, for now, let's just focus on one thing. Let’s just hope that Teen Titans Go VS Teen Titans is the best movie it can be. This is a huge moment for fans of the original series. Hopefully, this film doesn't let us down.

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