10 Essential Gifts That Every Star Wars Fan Wants

Star Wars is a juggernaut that only few franchises can even come close to compete with. With more movies coming out each year that expands the lore, Star Wars continues to make new fans as the years go on. There are those who've been in love since A New Hope and those just catching on with movies like The Last Jedi.

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With so many fans, there is an astronomical amount of items, collectibles, and toys for them to collect. If you are trying to find a gift for a Star Wars fan, or are trying to build your collection, an entire world opens up to you that can be easily intimidating. To help you out, we've put together these 10 things that every Star Wars fan must have in their collection.

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Many Star Wars fans have dreamed of the day where they can feel like Jedi and take on the villainous Sith. Lenovo made that dream closer to a reality with their Jedi Challenges technology. A headset that connects with a smartphone, this augmented reality tech lets players assume the role of a Jedi.

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You can take on famous villains from the series, compete in Holochess that was seen in A New Hope, and even engage in more strategic combat like a real-time strategy game. It's only compatible with specific phones, though, so it's important to make sure that you, or the Star Wars fan in your life has the right one.


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It's possible that we'll be seeing a lot more Mandalorian merchandise after the TV show finally debuts. In the meantime, you could grab this Mandalorian backpack to build up your hype for the show. This backpack seems to be built mostly for lugging around a laptop, making it both useful and pretty stylish.

However, the neat design on it means that it will probably be given multiple uses just so the excited owner can show it off a bit more. Just throw in a Boba Fett helmet, and their Mandalorian collection will be complete.


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The Star Wars: Rebellion board game puts players front and center of the Galactic Civil War. Each player takes control of either the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance. The board features dozens of planets from the movie and tasks players with slowly positioning and building their armies to dominate the galaxy.

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Hero characters are also usable in the game, and it's their specific actions (and card draws) that work in tandem with player armies that lead one to victory. With 150 pieces used, it's sure to be a hot board game if only for the collectible aspect of it.


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One of the most iconic vehicles in the Star Wars saga is the AT-AT, which was first shown in The Empire Strikes Back. The Battle of Hoth is a memorable fight sequence in movies as the giant walkers slowly made their way to the Rebel base, destroying everything in their path.

The only way they were taken down was by the cables from the Rebel Snowspeeders. The AT-ATs fell over, which inspired the design for this tape dispenser. This hefty dispenser properly captures that moment from the films and is the perfect way to show your office where your fandom lies.


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While Jedi and Sith are commonly explored character types in the Star Wars films, the movies don't heavily deal with their ideals and beliefs. That's why The Jedi Path and Book of the Sith texts are must-haves for any Star Wars fan's bookcase.

Not only would they make interesting reads for any fan of the series (whether they are "page turners" or not), and they would probably learn more about the lore of the universe. Both books are given attractive covers and bundled in a nice looking cover. This collection also comes with two unique prints that can easily be hung on a wall.


SEE IT NOW: $67.99 | STREAM THEM NOW: $99.99

While the phrase "The Complete Saga" is a bit inaccurate for this set, there's no denying that having the first six Star Wars films in one convenient location would be great for any fan who doesn't already own them. While the quality varies between the first three and latter three movies, Star Wars fans probably don't care either way.

Star Wars is Star Wars to them. This box set brings those six movies together so fans can watch how the galaxy became depraved and ruled by the Empire then eventually saved by Luke Skywalker and his friends. It also gives background for  newer fans that only know the Disney films.


SEE IT NOW: $129.99

Star Wars fans likely already have a big LEGO Millennium Falcon somewhere in their collection. So in order to make sure you're not doubling up, try this set from the recent Solo film. This Falcon looks to be in a bit better condition than in the core movies, and has some nice blue accents as seen in the film.

It's built to scale with the minifigures, as they can fit inside various parts of the ship. The entire set also comes with some younger versions of Han, Lando, and Chewbacca as well as some other unique characters from the film.


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Stormtroopers are some of the most iconic bullet sponges in movie history. These henchmen were present in the first Star Wars film and still remain in the current ones under the control of the First Order. Plenty of people dress up as them or like to collect their gear, and this voice changer is the perfect topper for any fan.

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The helmet is so accurate and well-detailed that it could look great on display, however, it was also designed to be worn. By pressing a button on the side, those wearing it can make their voices sound just like a Stormtrooper's.


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The Star Wars version of Risk functions a bit differently. Instead of taking over points around Earth, this game is based in space with the Death Star (or the Rebel fleet) at the center. Goals can change depending on which faction players control.

It's a bit more straightforward and easier to understand than some of the higher-end Star Wars board games out there, but this version is also made with high quality. The Black Series version has better pieces and more "collector worthy" touches to its board and characters, making it the one that real Star Wars fan should own.


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No Star Wars collection is complete without representing Darth Vader, and what better way than by displaying a high-detailed figure of him? The Bandai Tamashii figures are known for their excellent quality and great attention to detail, so there's a "worth your money" guarantee with this one.

The Darth Vader figure is posable, meaning it can easily replicate positions and scenes from the films, and comes with his infamous red lightsaber. The figure comes with different hands that can be swapped for different poses and even looks great with other Bandai Tamashii Star Wars figures that are also treated with great care.

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