10 Things That Make No Sense About Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls was an incredibly popular drama series that ran for seven seasons on the WB, and for a while on the CW as well. It was popular enough to earn a Netflix revival series years later too. The show followed the lives of the mother and daughter duo, Rory and Lorelai while living in the small town of Stars Hollow.

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Many people loved the for its fast-paced dialogue, quirky comedy, and lovable side characters. As a small town, Stars Hollow had all kinds of oddities and strange inhabitants. With its fun traditions and beautiful seasons, it's the optimal comfort show. However, there are some things about it that still have us scratching our heads all these years later.

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10 How do the Gilmore girls afford so much takeout

One of the biggest mysteries of the series is about how the Gilmores afforded eating so much take out. Not only is it a question of where they got the money to afford take out every night, but how did they not gain weight or get any acne?

They ate junk food almost non-stop. But we know they're plagued with money problems, hence why Lorelai has to take out several loans from various other characters throughout the season. They don't cook, ever. Seriously, they eat out every night, often multiple times a day. So where does the money for that come from? It's no wonder they're broke.

9 Kirk's employment opportunities

Kirk is one of the many quirky town inhabitants in Stars Hollow, although he is perhaps the quirkiest of all. But Gilmore Girls certainly wouldn't be the same without him. However, one has to wonder how on earth Kirk keeps up with his many different jobs in Stars Hollow. Is it possible for one man to work at almost every place in town?

If he's not walking dogs he's a security guy, or he's working at the beauty store selling hairy dye, or he's taking people around town in a bike. It never ends! I'd like to rewatch the show and count exactly how many different jobs Kirk had.

8 Lorelai and Christopher get married

The time for a relationship between Lorelai and Christopher passed them by a long time ago. They tried to make their relationship work several times throughout the series to no avail. And then in season six, Lorelai does the unthinkable and cheats on Luke with Christopher. The portion of fans who prefer Chris/Lorelai to Luke/Lorelai is extremely small.

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The cheating was bad enough but the fact Lorelai decided now was the right time to marry Chris just makes no sense. Why would she go from being engaged to a man she loves, deciding she wasn't ready, to jumping into the marital bed with Chris? It's no wonder everyone hated season seven.

7 Paris wanting to be a doctor

Paris spent her entire time at Chilton and the first few years at Yale wanting to be a journalist. The bulk of her character was about her being in competition with Rory as both of them were aspiring writers and reporters. However, suddenly Paris does a heel-face turn and wants to be a doctor.

It doesn't make much sense for her character. It's understandable that in college you change majors but it would make more sense for Paris to decide to go into publishing, marketing, or maybe business. A doctor is a pretty far cry from her original passions and doesn't line up with what we know about her.

6 Dean doesn't know Rory and Tristan kissed

Alexis Bledel as Rory and Chad Michael Murray as Tristan in Gilmore Girls

In the early seasons of Gilmore Girls, long before Jess came into the picture, Rory was fielding off competing affections from Tristan. He came between her and Dean on several occasions. But then Rory and Dean break up for a while and Rory actually kisses Tristan.

It would seem like the kiss is something Dean would find out and cause further problems in their relationship, but Dean never actually does find out about it. Tristan comes close to telling him at several points but never gets to and Rory certainly doesn't. However, most of the reason for the short in this storyline is due to Chad Michael Murray's departure.

5 How did Rory graduate Yale on time?

Rory infamously takes a gap year from Yale in the series later seasons because she gets in trouble with the cops and forced to do community service. This also leads to a big fight between her and her mother, to the point she winds up moving in with her grandparents.

But once Rory gets back on track and returns to Yale, she still winds up graduating on time which is basically impossible. How would she have been able to keep up with her classmates and work after having taken a substantial amount of time off? It definitely counts as a series plot hole.

4 Michel's job at the inns

Michel clearly hated his job at both the Independence Inn and the Dragonfly Inn. Customer service has never been his strong point and he was repeatedly rude to Lorelai, Sookie, and various customers. Even though there is undeniably something lovable about Michel and the show would be lacking without him, one has to wonder how he managed to keep his job for all those years.

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Or why he never considered quitting and moving on to find something that he would actually enjoy. There was rarely a moment where Michel seemed to like being at work and didn't appear to be completely miserable.

3 Why didn't Paris get into Harvard?

How did Paris not get into Harvard? It is perhaps one of the greatest Gilmore Girls mysteries of all. After all the work she put in, her extracurriculars, and the fact she was a family legacy, Paris should have been a shoo-in.

Especially because Rory was able to get in. Not saying Rory didn't deserve to get in but it's clear that Paris did too. Things wound up better off with her going to Yale in the long run but we'll always wonder what could have been had Paris, and maybe even Rory, gone to Harvard instead as the plan had always been.

2 They waste so much food

Between the amount of food always spilling over in Sookie's kitchen to the amount of uneaten takeout Rory and Lorelai leave behind to the amount of food that goes uneaten at Luke's Diner, Stars Hollow characters waste a ton of food.

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Seriously, when was the last time you watched an episode where Lorelai and Rory appear to actually eat the breakfast they order at Lukes? Most of the time they just order it and then we see it left untouched. The same goes for Sookie's kitchen. There aren't that many guests staying at their tiny inn, surely most of that food gets tossed out.

1 Everyone was always cheating on each other

What is with the people of Stars Hollow constantly cheating on each other? If it's not Rory with Dean it's Lorelai with Christopher. Then there's the fact Logan slept with other people when he and Rory were on a break and then Rory cheated on her fiance (and completely forgot about him) with Logan.

Rory also kissed Jess while she was Dean and certainly had emotional feelings for him while they were together. It's kind of crazy to think about the amount of cheating that has gone on over the years on Gilmore Girls. And no one ever seemed to really learn from their mistakes.

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