10 Things Boruto Does Better Than Naruto

It’s not uncommon for anime fans to enter debates arguing which hero is the fastest, most exciting and most powerful. Warrior legends Boruto and Naruto are often the topic of such heated debates. Which of the talented martial arts masters is better?

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There are viewers who firmly believe the scales tip in favor of Boruto. For those rooting for the young, brave and weapon-savvy anime hero, there appears to be a lot of evidence supporting claims that he is the best. There are many things he can do which suggest he will grow to be more powerful than his predecessor.

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10 Shinobi prodigy

Boruto is an incredibly fast learner. He seems to grow in leaps and bounds compared with Naruto, who was nowhere near as great a learner as Boruto as a child. It would seem Boruto is a naturally talented shinobi. His fast rate of learning is in stark contrast with his father, who had to work hard to wield the same results.

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With a dad who is the Hokage and a mom who is well trained in the arts of the Hyūga clan, it would seem Boruto is destined for greatness.

9 Exceeding expectations

Boruto appears to grow in leaps and bounds and despite his young age, already displays three of the five coveted types of chakra. This suggests he will grow in the future, to embrace each of the five types of chakra.

So while Naruto has developed his chakra and is skilled at using them, Boruto’s fast pace of growth and young age suggest that he will be more skilled than Naruto in the future. Interestingly, it’s not just Boruto who is growing at such a rapid pace. From the series, it seems all of the other kids and their siblings are also progressing much faster than their parents did.

8 Rasengan to the rescue

A Rasengan is a spinning sphere of chakra developed and subsequently held by the user, within the palm of their hand. It is only known and used by a few of the more skilled shinobi. Boruto's Rasengan can appear and disappear without reducing any of his power to attack and defend.

He also studied to use the Rasengan and mastered it in a short period of time. Naruto had to study the Rasengan over a long period of time and subsequently endure heavy training for the purposes of mastering it.

7 Water power

The young shinobi prodigy seems to have no limits in the training he will undertake to be the best. He has taken his training to be a well-versed ninja a step further and has received training as a genin.

This is a ninja who displays the biggest difference in power. For this, he has learned the art of water release. This is another skill to add to his impressive repertoire. As if this is not enough, he can simultaneously perform wind and lightning release for a special technique called the Boruto Stream.

6 Trained by the best

To be the best, you have to have been trained by the best. This is just how it is, in life and on the screen. Baruto’s fans stand by him for many reasons but one of these is that he has learned from the best.

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Boruto is trained by Sasuke who is seen to have the power equivalent to Naruto and has been rated as the strongest of the ninjas. Sasuke teaches him the mastery of various weapons such as kunai and swords, which give the young fighter the edge in combat.

5 Behind the scenes advancement

While still an academy student, Boruto is fast advancing behind the scenes. This is often to the viewers’ surprise and amazement. In one episode, he emerges to use a shuriken with lightning power. This gift is suddenly unveiled to his fans.

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His superior use of the shuriken, gained from knowledge and training done behind the scenes, makes viewers sit up and take notice. As another example, he’s only just learned about chakra when he starts to use them in advanced mode, as a chakra expert would. He is rapidly advancing.

4 Superior martial arts skills

The masterful Boruto seems to show far more skill and understanding of the arts of jujitsu and other martial arts disciplines than Naruto did as a child. He appears to be more skilled in martial arts than Naruto was while growing up and learning. The skillful character also appears to have some dormant gifts which the narrative suggests will be unlocked as the series progresses.

His variety of martial arts moves makes for interesting viewing and sets the scene for powerful and memorable fighting showdowns with some interesting, highly-skilled characters.

3 Compelling narratives

The actual narrative of the Boruto series is claimed by viewers to be better and more compelling than that of the Naruto series. While the Boruto narrative does fit within a greater storyline, episodes still contain their own mini-stories.

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The same cannot be said for the Naruto storyline which, unless you diligently follow each episode, will more than likely leave you in the dark as to what the greater narrative or plot is about. For this reason, the Naruto programs are difficult to understand if you catch just one episode.

2 Techno-savvy weapons

One of the most exciting advancements on the Boruto series is the incorporation of technology into the storyline. This means that weapons have been empowered with technology. This state-of-the-art technology takes fighting to a new level. An example of such a machine is the ‘kote.’

This weapon was developed by the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team and incorporates scrolls shrunken to pill-size. Naruto’s narrative incorporates none such technological wonders. Technology also invades everyday life scenes in Boruto’s world. For example, many times he can be seen holding a video game console.

1 Edge-of-your-seat fights

The compelling narrative of Boruto has gone from strength to strength in its high-adrenaline fighting scenes, which have become bigger and more glorious as the popular series has progressed.

One of its crowning masterpieces is the high-action, memorable fight scene with the Otsutsuki. This sets a new standard and it has been speculated that the series will continue to grow from strength to strength in coming years. This shows that the producers of Boruto are determined to outshine the series’ predecessor in terms of fights and battles in coming episodes.

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