8 Actresses Competing to Star with Johnny Depp in 'Thin Man' Remake

W.S. Van Dyke's The Thin Man is considered by many to be a film classic on par with The Maltese Falcon or Alfred Hitchcock’s very best. Its combination of an intricate mystery, endearing characters, and genuine humor made it way ahead of its time and unique to this very day.

Currently, Rob Marshall (Chicago, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) and Billy Ray (The Hunger Games) are developing the remake with Johnny Depp as Nick Charles, and that leaves the other half of the equation – his wife, Nora – yet uncast. Apparently, it’s a role so sought after that eight high-profile actresses are vying for it.

According to Deadline's Mike Fleming, that shortlist of actresses includes: Amy Adams (Man of Steel), Emily Blunt (Looper), Isla Fisher (The Great Gatsby), Eva Green (Dark Shadows), Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man), Carey Mulligan (Drive), Rachel Weisz (The Bourne Legacy), and Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids).

As played by William Powell and Myrna Loy, Nick and Nora Charles  – a former detective and his younger, very rich wife -- are one of the most beloved onscreen couples in cinematic history, due to their endlessly witty banter, their palpable chemistry, and their hilarious bouts of blatant alcoholism. So it makes sense that all these lovely ladies are lining up to take part, even if the chances of this film matching the quality of the original are slim-to-none.

Having said that, Rob Marshall could certainly do a lot worse than the actresses on the above list. While Carey Mulligan has yet to really prove her comedy chops – frankly, I fill with unbearable sadness just looking at her – and Isla Fisher is a bit of a lightweight next to Johnny Depp, pretty much everybody else on that list could pull it off. (That is, if anyone can.)

It probably doesn't bear repeating that remakes have a pretty disappointing track record. Still, it's hard not want a remake like this to do it right – especially with characters as wonderful as Nick and Nora Charles. So, let's hope they do it right, or at the very least, not embarrassingly wrong.

What're your thoughts on The Thin Man remake, Screen Ranters?

The Thin Man will likely go into production sometime after Johnny Depp finishes The Lone Ranger.


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Source: Deadline

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