They Don't Make Amazon Women Like They Used To

Here's a look at the young lady who is supposed to be playing Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League movie. Her name is Teresa Palmer and she is just under 5' 6" tall. I find this interesting since Wonder Woman is supposed to be an Amazon, and Amazonian women are supposed to be, you know... TALL.

Palmer is also all of 21 years old which seems to me to be a bit young for the character. I would think that she ought to be at least in her late twenties, but this falls in line with the (denied by the studio) rumor that they're going to populate the film with a bunch of young 'uns.

As to the height issue, I suppose that considering how short so many actors seem to be, they could just populate the cast with guys who are 5' 6" and shorter and just build slightly under-sized sets (like they used to do in old westerns). That way she would look proportionally tall compared to the rest of the cast.

Regarding the story, there are some unverified and spoiler filled script questions answered over at Ain't It Cool News. They state that the info could be obsolete because director George Miller likes to contribute to the script in addition to directing the movie he happens to be working on.

They include answers to the following questions:

- Does the Justice League exist at the start of the film?

- Has Batman met all the superheroes he has under surveillance?

- Are the heroes surprised Batman knows all their secret identities?

- Does Lois or Luthor appear in the movie?

- With which supervillains must the League contend?

- Does Superman have a big part?

- Do Wonder Woman and Batman team up against Superman?

- Whose side is Martian Manhunter on?

- Does Aquaman have a big part?

- Do we get to see Atlantis or Themyscira?

- Do we get to see Green Lantern's Guardians or other members of the GL Corps?

- Do Hawkman, The Atom, Green Arrow, Zatanna, Hal Jordan or Black Canary appear and/or exist in this universe??

- A living, breathing Barry Allen appears in the script. Is Wally West in the movie as well?

- Are Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash(es), Batman, Superman, John Stewart and J'onn J'onzz the only DC superheroes in the movie?

To see the answers to these questions head on over to AICN via the link below (opens in a new window).

I'm still thinking this Justice League movie is going to be a train wreck based on what I've heard and read so far...

Sources: Moviehole and AICN

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