They Can Crack The Da Vinci Code, But They Can't Crack A Script!

Now that the writer's strike is in full swing there appears to be quite a few planned films falling at the first hurdle. The most high profile being Angels and Demons, the sequel/prequel/virtual remake of The Da Vinci Code.

This is the film that Akiva Goldsman was paid four million dollars to write. Yes four million and it still needed work. Crazy.

What's strange about this news, is that Naomi Watts has apparently signed on to play the female lead.

What I find quite surprising about this news is the quality of the talent involved. Sure, the first film had bucket loads of talent and it made almost $800 million around the world, but you wouldn't exactly call it a critical success. I'm very surprised that Hanks and Howard are returning for this new film, as they've never made any sequels. Personally, I was hoping they would recast Hanks' part as I feel he was seriously wrong for the role.

In the book Robert Langdon is described as looking like Harrison Ford. So who do they cast?

Tom Hanks. Bankable as he maybe, he can't pull off uptight and grouchy as well as Ford. I feel they should have went for Dennis Quaid. But that's just me thinking out loud.

The most curious thing is that there hasn't been any word whether or not Hanks' bizarre hair will be returning for the new film.

Angels and Demons is still scheduled for release on May 15 2009.

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