There Is NO Official Iron Man Movie Poster Yet!

It's amazing how stuff spreads like wildfire online... One site initially reports that there is an official movie poster out for the upcoming Iron Man movie, and tons of sites jump on the bandwagon without verifying anything. Heck, I'm not going to throw stones since I've done that myself here at Screen Rant, but when there's something inaccurate being spread I'm just as quick to disprove it.

Recently two images have surfaced that people are claiming are official posters for Iron Man:

Just because these images appeared over at Jon Favreau's official Iron Man Myspace group, people have jumped to the conclusion that these must be "real" posters. Well I hate to break it to you folks, but there are plenty of fan-submitted images on the same image gallery page.

Take another look at these images: The figure of Iron Man in the above images is exactly the same as the previously released image by Paramount:

Do you really think the studio wouldn't come up with some new pose or image of Iron Man to use in a poster?

And just to head things off at the pass, if you see these crop up as "official posters", they're not:

Now that's not to say that some folks have done some really nice work creating these... I think they're very good. They're just not the actual movie posters for the film.

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