There can *be* only, um, five?

It seems there is going to be yet another Highlander movie made. This one will make it number five.

They must make these really on the cheap, since according to Box Office Mojo the box office take of the previous four films is less than 50 million dollars combined.

I don't know about you, but I stopped watching after number two. The TV series was popular (as far as I know) so I suppose that's the motivation... but if that's true, why didn't the movies make more money?

It will be directed by Brett Leonard, who has brought us such gems as Virtuosity and The Lawnmower Man. Christopher Lambert will not be reprising his role as Connor McCloud, and understandably so... that would be like Brent Spiner continuing to play "Data" in Trek movies as he continues to visibly age, when the character shouldn't.

Besides, at this point I couldn't see Lambert playing the role straight... of course from what I've seen of him in movies, I don't think he's able to play a role without seeming campy anyway.


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There can *be* only, um, five?