Theory: Who Arrow’s New Season 8 Costume Is For

Who is getting a new costume in season 8 of Arrow? This question is on the minds of Arrow-heads everywhere in the wake of a series of photos and statements by Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim.

The buzz began when Guggenheim posted a photo to his personal Twitter account, saying that the preparations for the final season of Arrow had begun. This posed little surprise, as many similar tidbits of news are being posted by producers on social media in the build-up to San Diego Comic Con 2019. The photo was a close-up of a costume that was made of leather, dyed brown and light green.

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Fans immediately assumed that this new costume was intended for Green Arrow. The color scheme and style seemed to copy the design and palette utilized for Green Arrow's current costume in the comics, which was introduced as part of the 2016 Rebirth revival. Unfortunately for fans of the more recent Green Arrow comics, Guggenheim said that the costume in question was not for Oliver Queen. This raised the question of who the costume is intended for, if not the modern-day Green Arrow.

Green Arrow Connor Hawke on horseback

The most likely candidate seems to be Connor Hawke. In the original comics, Connor Hawke was an illegitimate son of Oliver Queen who adopted his father's codename and followed in his footsteps as an archery-themed vigilante. The character was introduced into the reality of the Arrowverse during Arrow season 7, but with a drastically different background. Here, he is the son of reformed assassin Ben Turner (a.k.a. The Bronze Tiger) and destined to become the foster son of Oliver Queen's right-hand man, John Diggle. In the future of Star City 2040, Hawke is an agent of the government group Knightwatch and an ally of Star City's vigilantes.

The costume in Guggenheim's photo does resemble the coloration of the costume worn by Connor Hawke in the comics. It is also worth noting that actor Joseph David-Jones, who played Connor Hawke in both season 7 of Arrow and in an alternate future seen on Legends of Tomorrowhas been confirmed as a series regular for Arrow season 8. The only problem with this theory is that there is no apparent reason for the television version of Connor Hawke to don a costume, much less one with the classic Green Arrow colors.

Given the season 7 finale of Arrow, the most likely candidate for donning the costume is Mia Smoak, who practically became a new Green Arrow while fighting to save the future Star City and only lacks a costume to fully take on her father's mantle. Unfortunately, Katherine McNamara, who played Mia, has yet to be confirmed for season 8.

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