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Hugh Jackman talks 'The Wolverine'

A week ago, news broke that Wolverine 2 would have a different title and that the film would act as a standalone movie and not so much as a sequel to Hugh Jackman's first true solo movie as the adamantium-laced mutant with rage issues.

While we've been waiting for some official movement forward with the sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, since the title change news broke, interviews and updates have popped up everywhere from Darren Aronofsky's press rounds for Black Swan. It was also confirmed via Fox through a press release that Darren Aronofsky and the studio have officially signed a two year production deal. Aronofsky's production company Protozoa Pictures' first feature together with Fox will be The Wolverine, thus confirming the film's new title.

From the press release:

"Darren's vision has brought audiences some of the most original and memorable stories and characters in recent motion picture history," said Fox Searchlight heads, Steve Gilula and Nancy Utley. "We at Fox witnessed this first hand with his work on 'The Wrestler,' and 'Black Swan,' and now, on 'The Wolverine,' which will be an exciting take on that iconic figure and on the genre itself. We can't wait to see what else Darren has in store for us."

Added Emma Watts, president of production, Twentieth Century Fox: "We're excited Darren is going to bring his unique vision to 'The Wolverine' and we take great satisfaction that Fox, irrespective of the size of his films, continues to provide a home for his extraordinary talent."

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While Darren Aronofsky works the press rounds for his buzz-worthy film Black Swan, the director is fielding questions about his first studio franchise film, The Wolverine. Below is video from an interview with Movie City News where he confirms the new name of the film as The Wolverine, emphasizing that there is no number two in the title. The interview touches on this being a very unusual movie for Aronofsky but he optimistically explains why and how his vision for the X-Men spin-off will be "very different."


Source: Movie City News

Our pal Ed Douglas also had the opportunity to chat with Aronofsky last week and nabbed a few tidbits of interesting information as well. As it turns out, the acclaimed director had long wanted to do an adaptation of the Japanese manga series "Lone Wolf and Cub" and with The Wolverine, he'll get his chance to at least bring some of that to the screen.

"There's all the samurai elements that are really exciting... I'm a big fan of Japanese movies, we're going to try to have a good time."

As for whether the film will have Japanese actors speaking English or subtitled, he claims it's still under discussion but they are casting plenty of Japanese actors since they are shooting on location.

With Aronofsky's two-year deal signed with Fox and casting about to get underway, they just have to finalize Christopher McQuarrie's screenplay. The director explains that they still have some revisions to do to get it to where he wants to be.

"We're trying to get it into a slightly better place but he's working on it, and I think it'll be easy to fix. Chris is an amazing writer and I'm very lucky to have him as a collaborator."

He wouldn't go near the topic of other characters or special appearances from franchise regulars like Sabretooth. With them hiding ties to the previous films, don't bank on a Liev Schreiber cameo.

Source: SuperHeroHype

With Vaughn and Bryan Singer working away on X-Men: First Class and Aronofsky helming the next Wolverine spin-off, things are looking brighter for the future of Twentieth Century Fox's largest and most successful Marvel movie franchise.

The Wolverine begins shooting in March for a 2012 Summer release.

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