The Wolfman TV Spot Will Make You Howl

There really does seem to be a curse of the wolf man; at least, there seems to be some truth to the legend as far as Universal’s classic horror remake The Wolfman is concerned . The Joe Johnston (The Rocketeer, Hidalgo) directed film has been plagued by several re-shoots resulting in the continuous push back of the release date. And as if there wasn’t enough salt rubbed into Johnston's open wound, Universal brought in an entire new team of editors to RE-CUT THE FILM!

Some critics and fans are entirely against remakes, and the reaction to The Wolfman has been no different. There will always be those people who think that the original film will always stand on its own and should never be defiled by a modern touch. I happen to think that some films are worthy of remaking, as long as most of the people on the original are past their acting prime. In my opinion, for that very reason, The Wolfman is the perfect candidate for the remake treatment.

Long gone are Lon Chaney Jr. and director George Waggner from the original 1941 Wolf Man, so now is a great opportunity for Benicio Del Toro and Joe Johnston to step up and give a new generation a new version of the classic horror film.  So far, everything I’ve seen – posters, trailers and images– all tell me that this is going to be a  good film. Now Universal is beginning to release the first of many TV spots and my opinion hasn’t changed.

Watch below and then tell us what you think:

I like everything about that clip: the music, the editing, the acting, the action and the sets. Everything just seems to flow for me and I’m really digging the whole vibe of the film. I especially like the use of practical effects where possible and the look of Del Toro as the wolf man would make Jack Pierce proud.  I’m also happy with the way Del Toro’s wolf man turned out after several redesigns last year. We at Screen Rant are hoping The Wolfman turns out to be winner, because we have it listed as one of our most anticipated films of 2010.

The Wolfman stars Anthony Hopkins, Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving. It was written by Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en) and David Self (Road to Perdition).

What are your expectations for The Wolfman and what do you think of the new TV Spot? Be sure to watch the Superbowl for a new trailer as well.

The Wolfman scratches, chases beautiful women and howls at the moon on February 12th, 2010.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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