The Wolfman Gets an R-Rating

This should be good news for horror fans who are already anticipating next year's adaptation of The Wolfman, starring Benicio Del Toro, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving and Emily Blunt. Our friends over at Slash Film have gotten word from studio Universal that a final cut of the much-troubled Wolfman adaptation has been handed in by director Joe Johnston (Captain America) and that the studio is happy with what they're seeing.

Even better, Universal has reportedly decided to go with a longer and more violent R-rated version The Wolfman, which is rumored to be the better than the clipped and neutered version (see how I worked a dog joke in there?)  I'm sure many of us were worried the studio might try to push into the PG-13 market.

Though some of our Screen Rant readers disagree, I still think the second Wolfman trailer showed off what could potentially be a very entertaining film. The Wolfman mythos has had its ups (the 1941 Lon Chaney Jr. version) and downs (the 1994 Jack Nicholson version), but so far I believe this latest adaptation might succeed in falling somewhere in the middle-to-upper echelon.

Hearing that the movie now has a solid R-rating, and that it will be as savage and bloody as it needs to be, is, IMHO, good news. Sometimes blood, gore and violence are employed ridiculously (see: Ninja Assassin), but in a case like The Wolfman, I believe that trying to go the Wolverine route (read: having a clawed beast-man shred faces without spilling a visible drop of blood) would just annoy the crap out of audiences.

Personally, I miss the horror films of the late 80s and early to mid-90s, which had very gritty, very real feeling violence and blood packed into them. The 2000 trend of absurd and exploitative violence in horror flicks (Hostel) or bloodless PG-13 ghost stories that rely on "atmosphere" to creep you out (The Grudge) have all been hard to endure. Hopefully The Wolfman will give me that nostalgic experience I've been waiting for.

What do you think about this R-rating? Good? Bad? Do the previous troubles with this film still have you worried about the final product?

The Wolfman hits theaters on February 10, 2010

Source: Slash Film

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