Wolfman Official Site Launches

The Wolfman Movie Starring Benicio Del Toro

An official site for Universal's The Wolfman has launched in preparation for the film's debut in theaters early next year. The site is pretty much the standard fare you'd expect for a film like this: flashy flash player pictures, a bit of music from the film's score, a replay of the trailer, etc...

If you're interested, keep reading to see what kind of fluff extra content the studio has up on the site to get you interested in The Wolfman.

So what kind of content would you expect from a Wolfman site? Why, a history of werewolf mythology, of course!

On the site you can delve into the both the historical and cinematic history of "lycanthropy," which is the technical term for the werewolf (disease? curse?).  The "history" covers both the types of lycanthropy that one can be infected with (either bitten or cursed), facts about how historical cultures truly believed in the werewolf superstition, and even a few historical case studies of convicted werewolves.

And, since Universal can never pass up an opportunity to tout their own legacy, The Wolfman site has a pretty good breakdown of the studio's influence in creating the horror movie genre by first introducing the classic movie monsters - Dracula, The Wolfman, The Mummy, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon - to the silver screen. Personally I prefer the movie monster tour at Universal Studios, but if you can't get down there, this will do too.

Though, for a better breakdown of classic movie monsters and their modern counterparts, I would go HERE.

Finally the site has a tab called "Explore Blackmoor" that's listed as "coming soon." I can only guess that this tab will allow you to take a virtual tour of The Wolfman's set pieces, which, if true, could be cool.

Check it all out at The Wolfman official site. The film hits theaters on February 12, 2010.

Source: Wolfman Official Site

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