Emily Blunt Talks 'Wolfman' Delays

If you've been keeping an eye on the news coming out about the upcoming new adaptation of The Wolfman, you're probably aware that the film has gone through some pretty major shake-ups: multiple release delays; new editors brought in to recut it; and even a redesign of the wolf man look. Your average citizen would probably look at that information and smell a stinker.

However, despite these problems, the promo materials such as trailers, images and posters have been rolling out like all's well with The Wolfman and I must say they're doing a good job of downplaying any issues. But what do the cast have to say about the delays of The Wolfman? Well, one of the cast members, Emily Blunt, who plays Gwen Conliffe in the movie, recently spoke to Shock Till You Drop and she gave her take on why it's taking so long for The Wolfman to hit the big screen:

"I think with a film like that, because there are special effects and it's a big movie, you can't accelerate its release date... It's not fair and so I think it just needed some more time. They needed to cook a little bit more. But the film is so good, so I'm really happy that they waited and I think it's the best time for people to see it. This fall is all about the awards seasons and all of that, so I don't know if it's that kind of film. It's not. It's a werewolf movie."

Blunt went on to talk about the quality of the movie and the overall style of it (she HAS to say good things, though):

"It's a brilliant... more of a throwback to the old Lon Chaney films and it's classic and gothic and eerie but I don't think it competes with the slasher movies in that way because I think it's better. I did my job, they loved the movie so, I almost feel this is the best time because I feel like more people are going to see it in February anyway."

Lastly, Blunt gave her thoughts and knowledge (or lack thereof) about the new editors who were brought in:

"I don't know what happens behind those scenes. I think it's important to get as many influences as possible of a film of that scale, with that much effects that need to take place."

I agree with Blunt in that a film of The Wolfman's type needs a lot of time to get done properly, with the special effects in particular needing A LOT of work. However, with the film having been delayed three or four times (I know! What the heck, eh?) and with not only new editors brought in to recut the thing but also a whole new redesign taking place a ways into production, it does give off a scent that SOMETHING isn't going according to plan.

However, I still very much look forward to The Wolfman, and see no evidence from the ads that it's going to be anything less than enjoyable (obviously we all hope for it to be amazing). Of course, these marketing folks are pretty skillful at making any movie look good, no matter what it is (there are exceptions to that, of course - did anyone NOT vomit when the Meet the Spartans trailer appeared? :P ). We'll find out if The Wolfman is as good as is hoped when it hits theaters early next year.

What do you think of what Emily Blunt has said about The Wolfman delays? Do you agree with her that delays and such are inevitable with a movie this big? Or do the multiple delays, new editors and redesign all set off alarm bells for you?

The Wolfman finally makes its way to theaters on February 12th, 2010. Along with Blunt, it stars Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Hugo Weaving. It's directed by  Joe Johnston (The First Avenger: Captain America).

Source: ShockTillYouDrop

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