Danny Elfman's 'Wolfman' Score Brought Back Into Play

The Wolfman Movie Starring Benicio Del Toro

Anyone who's been keeping an eye on Joe Joe Johnston's (Captain America) version of The Wolfman will know it's had a fairly troubled production. Actually "fairly troubled" is an understatement - there's been problems ranging from new editors being brought in to re-cut the film to a new creature design that was put into play well into production. Talk about alarm bells.

One of the other troubles The Wolfman has had is the musical score: As we reported as far back as August of 2008, Tim Burton collaborator Danny Elfman was brought on to compose The Wolfman score. But as The Playlist reports, Universal replaced Danny Elfman's score in November with one by Paul Haslinger (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans). Bad news for those looking forward to Elfman's music accompanying Benicio Del Toro's wolf howling.

Now Movie Score Magazine is reporting that Universal has apparently decided to switch back to Elfman's original score, apparently because Haslinger came up with some sort of electronic version that the studio didn't like. Because of commitments to Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Elfman can't work on the film right now, so additional composers are being brought in to finish his work.

Those of you worried that we wouldn't be getting Elfman's score in The Wolfman can now relax...but not completely. Considering how much the film has been chopped up and re-arranged (more than just about any other movie in recent memory), will Elfman's score work as well as once did? And if not will Universal order more re-edits? That would only add insult to the many injuries the film has suffered.

Movie Score Magazine sums this news up perfectly - "The fact that Elfman’s score is back in the film, and the back-and-forth process of the film’s musical approach, implies that the filmmakers have had a difficult time deciding what direction to take the film."

The Wolfman made Screen Rant's 2010 most anticipated list, so I needless to say we're really looking forward to it. All this trouble doesn't bode well for the movie, but the trailers have made it at least look somewhat entertaining and atmospheric, so I'm going to hold out hope. Although, as well all know - trailers can be deceptive...

Are you glad Elfman's score will be used for The Wolfman? Or does the fact that the film has been messed with so much worry you that music and pictures won't gel?

The Wolfman finally hits theaters on February 12th, 2010. Check out the official website if you haven't already.

Sources: The Playlist and Movie Score Magazine

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