The Weather Channel To Show Movies

Probably the number one point of conversation in our daily lives is the weather. What's next on the most discussed list? I'd make a strong case for TV/movies: They're something we're all fans of, some to far more of an extent than others (can't you tell we here at Screen Rant are an example of that? :P ). But did you ever think that movies and the weather would collide (outside of a Roland Emmerich movie)? Well today, in a rather odd piece of news, that's exactly what's happened.

The guys over at /Film are reporting that The Weather Channel (yes, THE Weather Channel) will start showing movies starting the day before Halloween, October 30th, and every Friday thereafter. So what sort of movies will the channel be showing? Well, weather-related movies, of course! What else? Starting off the series - which runs from the end of October to the end of November - is the George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg disaster movie, The Perfect Storm, coinciding with the anniversary of the actual 1991 storm that the movie is based on.

TWC meteorologist Jen Carfagno will host "The Weather Channel Presents..." series, providing an introduction to the film as well as relevant commentary on the particular movie's weather-related themes. On top of the aforementioned The Perfect Storm, the series will also include March of the Penguins, Misery and Deep Blue Sea. During the film, viewers will still get their regular weather reports, appearing in the lower portion of the screen (wow that's going to be irritating when you're trying to watch a movie).

If you're interested, you can check out the full press release over at /Film.

I guess in a way this move kind of makes some sort of sense, and will probably draw in some viewers that might not have tuned into the channel otherwise (who really goes specifically to the actual Weather Channel for their weather reports - don't people use the radio or the Internet to find that out?).

Having said that, I wouldn't be one of them. Admittedly I'm in the UK and don't get access to the channel myself, but if I DID have access, I still wouldn't tune in to watch a film on a Weather Channel. There are just too many other ways to fulfill my movie-watching needs, that DON'T have annoying weather reports popping up on-screen during the screening. It ranks right up there with talking, ringing phones and baby's crying on the "Most Annoying Things While Watching Movies" meter.

Would you watch weather-related movies on The Weather Channel? Do you think it will wind up being popular with viewers?

Source: /Film

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