'The Way, Way Back' Set Photo: Steve Carell VS. Sam Rockwell

The first photo has been released for Jim Rash and Nat Faxon's 'The Way, Way Back', which puts 'The Descendants' writers in the directors' chairs.

Jim Rash and Nat Faxon, while not exactly household names, have had a presence in TV and movies since the late '90s. The writing pair even earned themselves an Oscar for last year's The Descendants, directed by Alexander Payne and starring George Clooney.

This year, Rash and Faxon are doing themselves one better by both writing and directing The Way, Way Back, a coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of a Boston vacation community. We hadn't heard much about the project's progress lately, but now we have a new set photo that teases a confrontational scene between stars Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell.

Rash (who is perhaps best known for playing the Dean on Community) and Faxon (who is set to star in the upcoming Fox series Ben and Kate) have been trying to get The Way, Way Back off the ground for several years - it appeared on the Black List back in 2007 - but a revolving door of directors failed to make that happen. It wasn't until the project ended up in the hands of producer Kevin Walsh that Rash and Faxon were actually able to step forward and assume the directors' chair(s).

And now the film is nearing completion, while still struggling to balance the grueling schedules of two TV stars. Rash and Faxon hope to take it to festivals and see how it plays if they can get a decent cut of the film together after production.

The film itself - not to be confused with the Colin Farrell film The Way Back - follows a teenager summering at a New England community with his mother (Toni Collette). Over the course of this coming-of-age film, the young teenager befriends a water park manager (played by Sam Rockwell) who, based on the photo, must at some point be at odds with Steve Carrell (who plays the obnoxious boyfriend of Collete's character).

Rash and Faxon say a lot of the film's narrative comes from their own experiences vacationing in the Carolinas and New England. Rash says that specific scenes were pulled directly from the two's younger years, though they feature a few embellishments for film entertainment's sake.

After scoring big with their work on The Descendants, Rash and Faxon should certainly have an easier time selling this movie than they would have before. While both will go their separate ways on their respective TV series, they plan to continue collaborating and hopefully get The Way, Way Back into theaters soon.


Source: NY Times

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