First Images of 'The Walking Dead' Look Gruesome

The Walking Dead TV series by Frank Darabont

The first images from the set of AMC's upcoming television series The Walking Dead have surfaced and they feature - you guessed it - zombies!

The Image Comics series is written by Robert Kirkman and has been released monthly since its debut in 2003. While the book is known for its black-and-white visual style, the television series will be in full color.

Frank Darabont, who directed The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, signed with AMC to write and direct a series adaptation of the zombie-survival comic and since then the series was greenlit with a production date set for this month.

The Walking Dead ongoing comic book series tells the story of people having to work together to survive the zombie apocalypse. The protagonist is a Kentucky police officer named Rick Grimes whose family, along with a bunch of other survivors, form a resistance to fend off a world that’s been overrun with zombies.

While the zombie theme may or may not turn you off, the stories of The Walking Dead are memorable and enjoyable not because of the hungry walking corpses, but because of the characters, their relationships and their development while trying to cope with this impossible situation.

Take a look at what our survivors must face [click to enlarge]:

First look at a zombie from The Walking Dead TV Series

Zombie costume from The Walking Dead

zombie makeup from The Walking Dead TV show

Zombie images from The Walking Dead tv series

For the full gallery of 8, which features behind-the-scenes prosthetic work and a before-and-after shot of one female zombie, head to AMC's official website.

Rick Grimes is  being played by Andrew Lincoln (Strike Back) and the cast also includes Jon Bernthal (The Pacific). With Frank Darabont helming the series and it being based off an amazing comic property, I expect big things from The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead was won in a bidding war by AMC last August and it’s been on the fast-track ever since, with a pilot being announced earlier this year. The series is entering production and is set to premiere in October during AMC’s Fearfest event.

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Source: AMC

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