The Walking Dead TV Series Greenlit, Cast Added

The Walking Dead TV series by Frank Darabont

It's finally happening, folks! Frank Darabont's live-action adaptation of the hit comic series The Walking Dead has been picked up for 6 episodes, before the pilot even aired. In late January, The Walking Dead series was greenlit as negotiations were being finalized for Darabont to write and direct the series for AMC. Now it's a done deal with AMC putting out the official press release earlier today.

The Walking Dead is based on the hit Image comic series created and written by Robert Kirkman. It's been a monthly series ever since its launch back on 2003 and as of this time, there are 70 issues. In the press release, the 6 episodes are described as "season one" so if it does well, we can hope for it to become an ongoing program.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the character-based comic follows a Kentucky police officer and his family along with a bunch of other survivors who work together in resistance of the world that’s been overrun with zombies. Although a zombie-themed book, the stories of The Walking Dead are really about the people, their relationships and their development while trying to cope with this impossible situation which makes it ripe for the making for a serialized program.

On the casting front, Jon Bernthal, who can currently be seen in HBO's The Pacific, has joined the series as a supporting character but as for who will play the lead character, small town cop Rick Grimes, no one's been chosen yet. Jonny Lee Miller (Eli Stone) was rumored for the role but AMC has denied this.

The Walking Dead is famously known for its visual style of being only black and white. Will the small screen adaptation of The Walking Dead go black and white?

Darabont is responsible for such works as The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and more recently, The Mist, and I'm psyched to see this series.

The Walking Dead was won in a bidding war by AMC last August and it's been on the fast-track ever since, with a pilot being announced earlier this year. The series officially begins production in June and is set to premiere in October during AMC's Fearfest event.

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Source: THR

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