'The Walking Dead' Videos Recap Season 3 Finale & Preview Season 4 Premiere

With some major loose ends left untied from the end of the last season and only a few days to go until the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead, fans are gearing up for a continuation of the grim ongoing story with a mix of anticipation and dread. As the title of the episode suggests, "30 Days Without an Accident" will pick up after a period of relative calm.

A new teaser clip from AMC shows Rick doing a bit of farming whilst listening to some tunes on his MP3 player, suggesting that maybe things have settled down for the survivors. Then again, maybe not; Rick finds a lot more than potatoes with his hoe. It definitely looks like he comes across the gun by accident rather than recovering it after burying it himself, and it's possible that it was planted there by someone in the camp who intends to betray them.

Those who have had the luxury of a lot of spare time on their hands this week may have already been getting caught up with the last three seasons of The Walking Dead, thanks to a week-long marathon currently on AMC of every single episode so far. If the thought of watching 35 episodes in under a week just for the sake of getting caught up doesn't appeal, then there's always this handy recap of the season 3 finale, which sums up the emotional states of some of the major characters by the end of last season (spoilers, obviously).

Daryl Dixon is one of the best fighting assets that the group has, and not just because he's very tough in a brawl. He owns a crossbow, which is the group's only weapon that can kill walkers silently at long range and also has retrievable ammo - two very desirable qualities when trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse. As such, he's probably the guy you'd go to for advice on how to be badass when everything around is falling to pieces, and that's just what AMC did in this final promo video. Sort of, anyway; Daryl is a fictional character, so they asked Norman Reedus instead.

In short, the advice is to stay calm, keep low, hit hard, learn how to shoot straight and don't try to hard to look cool. It probably also helps if you ride a motorcycle and eschew sleeves.

The current group includes fairly weak characters who have managed to survive almost the entire series, and we've also seen strong fighters get taken out by the walkers or by other humans, so Daryl's badassness doesn't necessarily guarantee his safety. Since the series has already gone off-script from the comic books, tell us in the comments which characters you think are most likely to get killed off this season, and which ones are most likely to survive.


The Walking Dead returns with the season 4 premiere "30 Days Without an Accident" on Sunday October 13th @9/8c.

Source: AMC

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