'The Walking Dead' Season 3: David Morrissey Talks The Governor

The Walking Dead Season 3 - David Morrissey Governor

In addition to allowing fans to reconnect with Rick Grimes' band of survivors, season 3 of The Walking Dead will finally introduce audiences to some fan-favorite characters from the comic books. As with past Walking Dead season, there might be slight variations to the characters, but they'll largely resemble their comic book counterparts.

David Morrissey, who plays one of those beloved characters from the comics, The Governor, hopes to introduce viewers to the TV series' version of the character, who is quite different from the one in the comics. The casting of Morrissey itself suggested we were in for a slight variation on the lunatic ruler of Woodbury, and now the actor has confirmed it.

Rather than encountering The Governor in his more familiar maniacal state, Morrissey tells Entertainment Weekly that the TV show's audience will get to see those seeds of lunacy as they're planted. The showrunners still plan to feature The Governor as a ruthless force unlike anything Grimes and his troop have encountered, but they want to show how he develops into that character, as well.

Morrissey wouldn't give any hints as to what we will see on screen, but the prospect of better understanding - and actually witnessing - what turns The Governor into the frightening character from the comics has us intrigued. It's actually seems like one of the smarter things the producers have decided to explore when deviating heavily from the source material.

As an actor, Morrissey likes the producers' decision since it gives The Governor a little more complexity and room for growth. A similar approach was taken with the character of Shane in the series. In the comic, Shane bites the dust in issue 6; in the series, he was given a full two seasons to develop.

The Walking Dead Season 3 - Morrissey Talks Governor

Robert Kirkman - the graphic novel's creator - has countless times addressed the series' proclivity for deviation and revealed that he wholly endorses the production's decisions when they choose to change things. He hasn't given his thoughts on this particular version of The Governor yet, but we surmise that, acting as Executive Producer and occasional writer, Kirkman probably approves.

In addition to The Governor, season 3 audiences will be introduced to the character of Michonne, played by Danai Gurira. How she and The Governor will impact the lives of the survivors will be revealed when The Walking Dead returns for its third season on October 14th, 2012.


Source Entertainment Weekly

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