'The Walking Dead' Season 2 Zombies Revealed

Walking Dead Season 2

With production currently underway for The Walking Dead season 2, AMC has released the first official image of what fans can expect from the zombies when they return this October.

Maintaining some familiar elements that many remember from the first season, it appears that the zombie make-up for The Walking Dead has been upgraded for its sophomore year (see below), both in budget and in look. Stylized contact lenses looks to be a new addition that serves to elevate the, well, walking dead into something much more terrifying than their predecessors.

During the first season, the majority of the infected were simply provided with pseudo-bloodied eyes that focused the audience’s attention on the zombies’ pupils. While this certainly fulfills the expected look of those in search of human flesh, it’s nice to see that the producers and make-up artists are attempting to progress and evolve the look of the series' antagonists.

You can view the first image of the season 2 zombies below:


promor images of zombies in the Walking dead season 2
Walking Dead Season 2

As you can see from the image above, while a single zombie takes focus, she’s also surrounded by a large number of undead compatriots. Since the image is framed as such to prevent any type of reveals regarding what could bring about this type of zombie occurrence, one can only assume these invaders await Rick, Shane and the rest of the RV survivors on the road to Hershel’s farm – this assumption comes from the fact that Hershel and the rest of the farm inhabitants have yet to be cast.

Considering it will be another 5 months before audiences get their first glimpse at the second season of The Walking Dead, it appears that AMC is going to continue last year’s promotional craze for the show's sophomore year. While a single image might not seem like much, this is only the beginning.

The Walking Dead Zombie

Expect to see further zombie-inspired promotional endeavors as we approach the expected October 31, 2011 premiere date. For those attending San Diego Comic-Con this year, make sure to keep an eye out for the return of AMC’s undead mobs – and perhaps a few surprises, as well.


The Walking Dead season 2 is expected to premiere October 31 on AMC

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