'The Walking Dead' Season 2 Teaser: Rick Busts Zombie Heads

rick andrew lincoln walking dead season 2 teaser

It's been a long, long wait for new episodes of The Walking Dead, and that wait is only half over. But the waiting gets a little easier to bear today, as AMC has debuted the first production footage for the show's second season.

The short teaser was shown during last night's Season 4 premiere of Breaking Bad, another member of AMC's well-loved original lineup. The network reiterated its commitment to return the zombie show to its lineup in October, with a probable repeat of the 2010 Halloween premiere.

The teaser video shows series protagonist Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) facing off with a pair of the locomotive living impaired. It seems Rick has been divested of his trusty Colt Python, and has to do with a more classical weapon - namely, a big rock.

Since we know that Season 2 will have a "crazy amount of zombie killing", we can consider the clip a bloody taste of things to come. AMC will have a lot more screen time in which to explore said killing, as the second season bumps up the episodes from a paltry six to a more fleshed-out thirteen.

Check out the clip below - squeamish readers be warned, there's some R-rated gore on display.

While The Walking Dead has shown that it's not afraid to stray from the comic book source material (see the Season 1 finale at the CDC in Atlanta), we know that large portions of Season 2 will take place in the prison and the Hershel farm from the graphic novels. Scott Wilson and Lauren Cohan (Supernatural) will be playing Hershel and his daughter Maggie, while Pruitt Taylor Vince will play Otis the farmhand.

Many fans of The Walking Dead were dismayed last week when the popular and critically-lauded show failed to garner a single 2011 Emmy nomination across all twenty-five categories. It's worth noting another AMC original series, Mad Men, scored eight nominations including Best Drama, Best Drama Actor and Best Drama Actress. Mad Men has won thirteen previous Emmys, while Breaking Bad (also snubbed for 2011) has won six.

It's still another five months until The Walking Dead shuffles back onto the airwaves, but with shooting going on as you read this, expect more casting and story news to become available intermittently. In the meantime, why not reminisce on Season 1 with a video of every zombie kill so far?

The Walking Dead will be featured at the San Diego Comic-Con this week - be sure to keep an eye on Screen Rant's Comic-Con 2011 coverage page for all the latest news.


The Walking Dead returns to AMC in October.

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