'The Walking Dead' Season 2 Trailer, Poster & Images

trailer for the walking dead season 2

There's no better home for zombies than Comic-Con 2011, so it's no surprise that The Walking Dead is making such a big splash at the convention.

To build on the momentum of the Walking Dead Comic-Con panel, AMC has released the season 2 trailer and poster to send their zombie-loving fanbase into a feeding frenzy.

When last we left officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), his family, and the other survivors in his camp, they had left the CDC in Atlanta on the road to an uncertain future, with some heavy tensions and secrets in tow. We know from previous Walking Dead season 2 plot info that the survivors will be looking to establish a new home for themselves - a bastion where they can settle down and start getting back to life, instead of trying to survive on the run.

Take a look at what life has in store for Rick and Co. in The Walking Dead season 2 trailer:

Now, check out some new images and a season 2 poster for the show:

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walking dead season 2 poster


Fans who felt that the first season of this show wasn't hardcore enough with deaths or zombie kills - just you wait. I won't spoil anything, but having read the comics I can tell you that things get really real for these people. In fact, there's always been a lingering question about whether or not the showrunners will follow the books into the hardcore territory and ghastly acts that have been chronicled. This season 2 trailer at least indicates that AMC hasn't gotten squeamish in the time the show has been off the air.

The Walking Dead returns on October 16, 2011.

Source: AMC, LA Times, THR, IGN, Aol TVMTV

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